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Denali bound for the Summer '10 with several questions I hope can be answered...


I will be working at the Grande Denali Lodge starting May 3, and I have begun packing.  I will be flying, not driving, to AK and have the option of taking 4 bags but I am not entirely sure how much or exactly what I should be bringing.  After googling "What to bring when moving to Alaska lists" over what seems to be a million times, I have a good idea of what to bring but would like some feed back from people who have lived it and know exactly what to bring so I do not bring too much/too little.


What necessities will I need for hiking/exploring/etc that are easy to travel with?


From what I gather the place is fairily remote and will be traveling primarily by shuttle, will there be any interaction with other lodges/hotels/etc?


I am a recent college grad, is living in the employee dorm like living in a college dorm?  And how will it be separated (age, gender, job)?


I know AK is more expensive, how much should I stock up on hygiene products like shampoo/toothpaste/body wash/etc?


I like making friends and meeting new people from all age groups, but I am 22: is that a typical age for doing seasonal work or will I be an odd ball? 


What kind of food will be provided through the lodge, and how decent?  Is there any specific diet I should prep myself for?


Aside from casual hiking clothing and work clothes, should I bring dress clothes (heels, dresses, etc)?  If so, how much?


I realize I may easily be working over 40 hrs a week, how often is typical of working overtime and what is the average amount of free time I can expect?


What is the easiest way to stay in touch with my family in Missouri? mom of course is making me ask this.


Will I be able to watch any Cards baseball games??? :)


Please,  if there is anything else vital for me to know before making the trip-- let me know.  All information is appreciated whether it be positive or negative!




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No problem, Leah! Im oozing with excitement so I figured I would get the d/l before going. I hope you have a great summer too!!
As a fellow missourian living in Alaska, the only way to watch the ball games is to get a subscription to MLB.TV it's 80 bucks a season...but well worth it for anyone who can not live with out watching the redbirds whoop ass.
I feel like that would be a wonderful investment! Thx for the advice.


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