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Ok so I have made up my mind to head to CO. when I leave WY. in late October. I was looking for advice about different ski resorts. Where have you worked in CO? What were the pros? What were the cons? Is there anywhere I should stay away from? Is there anywhere you reccomend I look into? Or you could just temm me about your expierences and i'll decide on my own. Thanx for the help...


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Any1 here know anything anout Copper Mtn. CO. ?!?

Hi Norm,

I think it depends on what kind of experience you want to have. If being close to the big city, having more people around and living close to I-70 are a priority I would say you should look at Copper, Vail, Keystone, etc. However, if what you are looking for is living in a place that is more isolated and serene I would look at ski areas on the Western Slope. I am biased since I grew up in Colorado Springs and moved to the Gunnison Valley in 1986. I love living in the central Rockies! I like the fact that things are more extreme up here - from skiing, to mountain biking, running, the weather :) Good luck on your job search and check out the ski area I work for - Tina B.
Amen Norm,
I agree it all depends upon your style of living and the type of place that you would enjoy to work. I did my first ski resort gig this winter in Steamboat Springs and hated every moment of working for them. Steamboat is owned by intrawest which is who also owns Winter Park. I have never been a very big "corporate" worker so I may be a little bias. I would suggest, Telluride. I got a chance to interview there last year but had to turn them down. It is a beautiful resort that is both locally owned and operated and I have not heard any terrible things of the people that have worked there besides the fact that it is uber expensive!
Thanks so much for the input... So far I've got nothing but great advice. I hear what y'all are saying about the different atmosphere's. Ive worked in both , the small town close knit work environment and also in Downtown Boston. Ive been able to adapt very well to both. I think your input Kevin is key, what i'm concerned about is the working environment more than the type of community. Do any of you know anything about copper? So far being closer to Denver appeals more to me since I am spending the summer somewhat isolated. It's all about mixin it up!!! Anyway thanx to all for you input!!! And feel free to keep it coming!!!

Norm; my husband and I are leaving Iowa and heading to Colorado. We will be checking out ski resort areas in July to see what may have openings and places somewhat" reasonable" to rent. In the pre-marriage, kids, and corporate america-Aspen & Snowmass was awesome. My husband has a friend in Telluride whom loves it there.

Tell you what, you get some inside story and share and we will also. k?
i live and work in vail and it's great here. we got the largest ski area in north america and all kinds of activities in the summer like softball, kayaking, fishing and golf.
Josh; Any input for winter seasonal ideas? Are you aware of any contacts to find furnished rentals for the season? Thanks T
i spent a season in breckenridge (job was fine.. town was ok... mountain big but busy.. housing very expensive) a few years ago. last year was in crested butte and while i loved the town, my job, my boss, and the mountain (although it's small) i hated CBMR the corporation. they are off in the middle of nowhere in colorado which is amazing except that means they get no business, are strapped for money, and make many stupid corporate decisions. respond if you have more questions


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