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 I am 48 and just over 400lbs, was almost 500, but managed to drop a little and get back around 400, so I think there is hope for me, last check I was not Diabetic, thank God, so without  any more putting things off, how can I do this and become healthy again. I was truck driving for over 15 years and got lazy and fat sitting behind the wheel, especially so when I quit smoking, it was then I put almost 200lbs on, sad very sad, but hey I do not smoke anymore, so some good did come from it. You see what cigarettes cost today, whew.


I just had a seasonal job , my very first  ever , and let me tell you it was the best job I ever had, pay was not great, but fun and happiness, off the charts, couldn't wait to go to work, and the people I worked with loved having me there too, it was the best time ever, period. 


My loves are Horse's and Deep Sea Fishing, and place's would be Alaska and Florida, say Homer , Ak. and Hallandale Beach, FL, would be perfect places, and maybe in time, I may find seasonal work in both places, Summer work in Homer, and get time to fish and work, and then in winter find work around the Gulfstream Racetrack in South Florida, Dec 3rd  -  April 8th, maybe hotwalking horse's or van driving for some agency at the track , and for Homer, well not sure yet, but maybe transportation for a resort or Cook, not Chef, but I do cook some really good meals, and love doing it, but not fast foods , more like a Lodge or small resort, but driving I still love most, cooking needs to be monitored, my intake of it that is, so my dream situation is all laid out, hope this is ok.


Reality, I am really close to heading to North Dakato, yes with winter coming to get a Class A CDL driving job, which seem to be plenty of , thanks in part to the Fracking Boom, but the winter there is not making me happy and thou the money may be awesome, and a very real necessity for me, as I am not financially secure, just the opposite , but I am happy, and not starving, I promise, but packing the car and going west to ND for the winter is what some call crazy, I call an adventure , with a housing shortage there, but plenty of jobs, I am lucky with trucking as some trucks have sleepers in them, if things work out that well, but you never know if you do not go, right? 


So I was wondering if I could get some opinions from other's here , am I crazy, or just finally seeing what I want and trying to go for it , hopefully the right way and not crazy , not that a little crazy is a bad things, but 1 thing is for sure, I am tired of having jobs where I am not happy and I need to be able to get healthy again, and will need something that will not over work me , but allow me the safe enough pace to get back into shape, or will make sure I stay within my boundaries and not over do it either. This all to me seems very possible to me with this website and the people here, I must not be the only one out there alone and unhealthy wanting to change his life to have the happiness he , ME , feels I deserve. 


Thanks all who respond


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Hey Patrick - Thanks for your post.  I think that once one sets his/her mind to do something, the powers that be let it happen.  Usually the powers are YOU!  So, go for what you want.  Glad you're a member of My CW. - Kari
According to all the research, Weight Watchers has the best success rate of any program out there (for taking off the pounds and keeping them off). You NEED the support group and the meetings are motivational as well. Good luck!!!
I agree with Don ..... Weight Watchers seems to be the only program that works consistently for most people.  The key is keeping a food diary .... in the case of Weight Watchers they simplify the process using their "points" system, but you are really just tracking what you eat, and how much.  Any time I've lost significant weight was only when I tracked what I ate.
patrick i was around 250 started a job at a ymca camp as a kitchem manager i was around food all day so i started to not eat as much. Drink fresh spring water directly from the tap also helped. And walking around swimming and got my thyroid under control brought my weight down to 180 and my waist to 34 oh yea. So it can be dont just get to loving life and stay busy . bill

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement, but tomorrow is a day I been dreading for a long time, moving day, the day I actually must leave and begin the journey to North Dakato, knowing that housing is unavailable, except in some companies Man Camps, but hey I have to try, I guess, too late for anything else, as I just found this site 3 days ago.


So with a car, I bought for 400.00 I now leave NY with very limited funds to travel to ND to find a job that I will not be happy doing, but will hopefully be happy with the wages I stand to earn, if work is found with housing and the housing cost does not eat up my potential earnings, I hope to save minimum 2500-4500 a month, at that rate , if I can do it, then I will make progress towards following my heart and doing jobs that are more fun soon enough, sacrifice before happiness, same as my weight goals, sacrifice before healthiness.


What job lets you save $2500-$4500 a month? That seems way to high (unreal) to me.

Life is too short to keep dreaming about what you want to do. Like the Nike ads say, just do it. Start researching Homer asap. Pick out a few places you would like to work at and start contacting them via e-mail. Don't worry about apps right now. Let them get to know you and maybe after the first of the year you will have a better idea of which property you want to work at. By this time they know you and you know them and the app is just a formality.

Do the same thing next summer for your winter job.

Just set you mind on a goal and work at it.

Hey Patrick, You are further ahead than most you know where you want to go. So just go apply!!! Good Luck and I'm sure if you apply you will get the locations and jobs you want :)
If you want any advise on living and working in north dakota right now let me know. I'm still in north dakota currently and give you a few pointers if needed. Good luck.

Well an update , I lost a fe inches off the waist, my flexibility is better and I dropped about 38lbs.

I am eating better foods and less of them, but still no responses for jobs from this site, wonder why?

I ask would I hire me and I am not so sure, unless the guy was able to convince in person he could do it, and that is not an option, and with so many other more qualified app's, how do I break thru, just go to Alaska, and hope and Pray, a little Tebowing , as they say, I know bad joke, forgive me please.

Please some one help me with breaking this cycle here, app , after app, and no response, and yet I will not put down what they, want to hear and to me that would be dis-honest, even thou I am positive I could handle most jobs available

Patrick: Keep going for it !!!! Don't give up or give in because you get no responses. There is a YES out there somewhere. I have been doing seasonal work camping jobs since 1998. Then found yearly employ from 01 to 09 when the economy caused down-sizing and back to seasonal jobs I returned.

   Survived a severe heart attack the end of March and spent 5 1/2 days in ICU. Had three main arteries in my heart blocked, and stented; and one smaller that was opened with balloon angiplasty. I have gained about 20 lbs, even though I exercise as much as possible; try to eat low-fat, light sodium meals. Very diificult as I am single and seem to always make to much food. I eat three meals now, used to skip breakfast and eat a pastry about mid-morn, then a sandwhich with proceesed meat and dinner was a regular frozen dinner. I now read the labels of everything I buy.

    Anyhow; back to the jobs; it requires filling out a lot of apps; being determined to stick with the no's until you get that YES. Doing and refining your resume and networking to find out what works for others. That is the hill I had to climb because I use to think I could go it alone not only finding jobs but in most everything I did. Ed

There was a phrase you wrote that caught my attention. You've had no job offers from this site.

If I read that right, this might be of assistance.

This is a site that tells you what's available and then you need to apply for it.

I don't really see how your weight is any issue other then how it affects you. I remember a grossly obese UN Interpreter who worked as a housekeeper in Zion because he was told to exersize more and use his brain less.

If HE could be a housekeeper, anyone could be anything.

If you have your class A, that's good. Resorts needs drivers and resort areas need town bus drivers.

You don't have to do it full-time, if you don't want to get stuck behind the wheel. They pay a bit more, but part-time driving, part-time doing something else to ease you into something you like would be an option.

If you like those areas that you talked about, check out craigs list. Also, along with this fantastic site, don't forget about these two site are the premier sopts to go to cover just about everything.

Another option might be If you have references that indicate that you are trustworthy and a go getter, you can find a sweet deal or two in there.

The main thing is, what would you like to do? What would make you happy?

I learned long ago that whatever you want to do, someone will pay you to something related to it.

I can't believe you did ND in the winter. You're hardcore. Vail is cold enough.

Good luck.



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