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 I am 48 and just over 400lbs, was almost 500, but managed to drop a little and get back around 400, so I think there is hope for me, last check I was not Diabetic, thank God, so without  any more putting things off, how can I do this and become healthy again. I was truck driving for over 15 years and got lazy and fat sitting behind the wheel, especially so when I quit smoking, it was then I put almost 200lbs on, sad very sad, but hey I do not smoke anymore, so some good did come from it. You see what cigarettes cost today, whew.


I just had a seasonal job , my very first  ever , and let me tell you it was the best job I ever had, pay was not great, but fun and happiness, off the charts, couldn't wait to go to work, and the people I worked with loved having me there too, it was the best time ever, period. 


My loves are Horse's and Deep Sea Fishing, and place's would be Alaska and Florida, say Homer , Ak. and Hallandale Beach, FL, would be perfect places, and maybe in time, I may find seasonal work in both places, Summer work in Homer, and get time to fish and work, and then in winter find work around the Gulfstream Racetrack in South Florida, Dec 3rd  -  April 8th, maybe hotwalking horse's or van driving for some agency at the track , and for Homer, well not sure yet, but maybe transportation for a resort or Cook, not Chef, but I do cook some really good meals, and love doing it, but not fast foods , more like a Lodge or small resort, but driving I still love most, cooking needs to be monitored, my intake of it that is, so my dream situation is all laid out, hope this is ok.


Reality, I am really close to heading to North Dakato, yes with winter coming to get a Class A CDL driving job, which seem to be plenty of , thanks in part to the Fracking Boom, but the winter there is not making me happy and thou the money may be awesome, and a very real necessity for me, as I am not financially secure, just the opposite , but I am happy, and not starving, I promise, but packing the car and going west to ND for the winter is what some call crazy, I call an adventure , with a housing shortage there, but plenty of jobs, I am lucky with trucking as some trucks have sleepers in them, if things work out that well, but you never know if you do not go, right? 


So I was wondering if I could get some opinions from other's here , am I crazy, or just finally seeing what I want and trying to go for it , hopefully the right way and not crazy , not that a little crazy is a bad things, but 1 thing is for sure, I am tired of having jobs where I am not happy and I need to be able to get healthy again, and will need something that will not over work me , but allow me the safe enough pace to get back into shape, or will make sure I stay within my boundaries and not over do it either. This all to me seems very possible to me with this website and the people here, I must not be the only one out there alone and unhealthy wanting to change his life to have the happiness he , ME , feels I deserve. 


Thanks all who respond


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Well that's the reason why most of us are in north dakota isn't it. Work. Simple as that. I'm still in ND going on a year now this time. Wish you the best and be safe out there. It's the tough time of year right now as you know. Good luck dude.


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