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I just applied at Yosemite, Zion and the Grand Canyon. I've worked Yosemite but they will take about three weeks to complete the application process. Zion called me the very next day. What can anyone tell me about their experience working for Xanterra in Zion?

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zion was nice..i worked at the zion lodge in the park. the lodge is nice, housing typical..the canyons around you are beautiful ( exspecially during full moon) there is a shuttle bus that goes into the little town outside the was a nice facility and people were cool
cool! Thanks for your response. :) I think I'm going to push for Zion; try something new.
I haven't worked there.... is one of the COOLEST places I've ever been to in my life. I think it would be great to work there.

Awesome pics!! I'm getting hyped up! When were these taken?
Thanks! My husband and I did a SW/Canyonlands trip a year ago August. We did Zion for a day - hiked Angel's Landing - and then did a 5-day bike trip with Western Spirit around the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and then went back to Zion, drove through the cool tunnel, and over to Bryce Canyon. From there we went up to Brian Head for one night of camping with friends and then headed back home to Washington. It was fantastic and I would love to spend more time down there. Western Spirit does other bike trips that start in Zion which we would love to do.
Does anyone know if Xanterra employees have a union that they are members of?


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