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I'm sure the question's normal enough. I'm a 19-year old student looking for work outdoors. I attend Bucknell University and during the year I'm a facilitator at ClimBucknell, an outdoor climbing tower and ropes course. This past summer I worked in a pre-orientation program for incoming freshmen in the Connecticut woods.

In addition to my experience leading groups of college students outdoors (the record is 14 under my sole care) I have also worked with many groups, including Washington State's Lummi Indian Nation.

Because I don't yet have much of a resume under my belt, I'm basically looking to see if any of you guys/girls know interesting programs which aren't too competitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You found Cool Works, that is the first step. Looks like you have the starts to a Resume that would make you a valuable employee.
Good Luck.
Hey Peter! Locksmith here, yeah someone read your note. Good luck in finding something, let me know what you find!
Have you looked more into GHWS? Or did Lora think it not that great a job?
Hope your break is going well, catch you soon.
Whaddup, Locksmith! I mailed out that application yesterday, so I'm here looking for backups in case I don't get accepted. I feel very, very good about my chances at GHWS, but it never hurts to be prepared.
Just pick a park where you would like to work and go! Application wise, everyone is now begining their season of advertising. Don't think you will have a problem at all. Good luck!
Hi Peter,

First I would suggest you to reconsider your question: "looking to see if any of you guys/girls know interesting programs which aren't too competitive". For my own experience, I can tell you that there are no easy programs, nor low-competitive. You must always make your way through so many obstacles (not all of them are people), so every single path you choose to follow will have its own considerations.

But, trying to give you an answer, have you considered locksmith services? If not, try to get some advice from these people:
Thanks to everybody for the great advice - I can assure you that every post was read and considered helpful. As it turns out I was accepted at my first choice, so after this summer I'll know for sure this is the sort of thing I want to continue doing. Then I can come back and reach out a bit more (I'd love to spend time out west next summer, if not overseas).

Thanks again!
Look up "Job Monkey" as well. They don't have as many jobs as "cool works" and some jobs are just links but a few of employers only post on that sight. There's a few Alaska job posters there. Then there is a couple sights just for ski areas like "if you ski" (I think is the name, any way Google it). There is also "backdoor jobs". Hope this helps. By the way this is the season to get the good jobs but if you don't land anything soon don't give up because many people drop out for many reasons (better jobs / locations, lack of interest, what ever). If you are into taking a chance and you have some $$ get yourself to Bellingham Washington and hop on the Alaska ferry (Google Alaska Marine highway systems for schedules and fares). There is a saying in Alaska that is fairly true, "no one starves in Alaska" . But take a good tent, some $ to survive, be patient, and no matter what have a great time.

I think the job as a freelance writer is a great work for a student. You can work at any convenient time for you and from anywhere. Maybe it will be the room in the library or you can work on the grass in the park.


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