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Hi, I am an student for The Netherlands and I would like to find a summerjob in the US to improve my english and to get to know the culture. Ofcourse I will buy the ticket myself.

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Yosemite National Park in California is an amazing place to work in the summer. They hire many internationals and it is a great way to improve on your english and meet people from all over the world. You should check it out online.
Dear Kristen, I'm now moving to NYC for a while (three months), improving my language and and trying to find out some interesting schools in the fiel on Pets Care. My dream is that of attending an Equine Massage School in WV, as soon as I'll get enough money to pay for my three months course.
You were talking about Yosemite National Park, which is an amazing place to work in the summer and that many international students have been already hired. I'm planning and hoping to get even a seasonl job that allows me to enjoy animals, nature and american culture, which I love at best. I'm italian but having an american name. :)))
Do you think I can apply for a seasonal job there? Anything will be fine for me, even housekeeping.
I'm having real troubles with getting a trainee visa. It seems that it won't be easy for us italians to come and have the chance to enrich our experience on site. I love HORSES. Please, visit my page if you wish. I hope you can help me somehow!
Best wishes and kind regards from ITALY!
Nancy ;)
I would recommend looking up the website for Yosemite jobs and hiring, there is a special section for internationals which should have all the information you need. I am pretty sure that it is easy to get a visa and that DNC (the company you would work for in Yosemite) will help you out with the process.
Good luck,
Hi Lianne,
I was at Grand Teton National Park last summer, and will be again this summer. It is a wonderful place to work...we had folks from all 50 states and folks from 26 different countries working there. WOW !!! It is a place where they pay minimum wage, but give you a place to live and the cafe for staff costs about $60 a pay period, which is every 2 wks. They have a great web site, from which you can apply online. If you dicide to do so, feel free to use me as a reference. Kathy Brekken. Best of luck to you. hope to see you at the park this summer. Take care, Kat


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