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I am completely new to this coolworks stuff... I am searching for a summer job that will be fun and that will pay pretty well. I am a college student who just needs to make money for the upcoming year and wants an amazing experiene. I am overwhelmed with all these job listings :) I was just wondering if any of you have advice of where are the best places to work. Thanks!

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I still vote on Mount Rushmore, even though you only get 40 hours a week, a lot of people get 2nd jobs down in Keystone (A mile down the hill.) before or after their regular shift at work. Some people were making better money with their 2nd job! :)
I will look into that. Thanks!
jessica if you wanna travel try denali national were are you from and what kind of experience do you want i have a few ideas add me and i,ll help out alot of work in ak .
I almost forgot to mention, if you want to know more about Mount Rushmore and the area around it, just see National Treasures 2 in theatres. They filmed up there last April and May and I got to see alot of the stars and even got to be an extra in the movie. :) Its going to be an exciting season, I think we are going to get a lot more people coming this season due to the movie.
hi jessica,
i could recommend grand canyon. outside the park is tusayan where their really are alot of cool jobs. papillion helicopters, imax, and the hotels in tusayan are really good. and working there, flagstaff is only 40 minutes and phx for the reminder of why big cities are a waste, is just 3-4 hrs away.(that is if you need a big city fix) hope that helps
Cool summer job that pays well? There is no better place to go than Alaska. The state is absolutely gorgeous no matter if your in the Kenai or the Gates of the Arctic. What is great about Alaska is the state has a base minimum wage of $7.15 across the board, even if you area server or a bartender, you still make a decent pay check plus your tips. Also , state overtime laws say that you have to be paid at time and a half for nay time over 8 hours worked in a day or 40 hours in a week. In Seasonal Alaska there is always work to be done and light to do it with. If you want an amazing experience and a good pay check go to Alaska and find someone that pays for your room and board!
Thank you for your advice!! I havent even thought of Alaska but I do hear it is gorgeous!!!! I think I will fill out a few applications!
Kevin- If you had to name 3 top places in Alaska (if you have worked in that many places?) for cooking or waitressing jobs, any suggestions for a great place? (decent working conditions, tips, living conditions, etc.) And how about health insurance? Not sure I remember seeing too many employers adveritising for this...thanks in advance! Can go to Alaska anytime...already quit our jobs!!
Jessica, Where ever you decide to work, I'de suggest that you do waitress work. That job will put more money towards your college fund than housekeeping or any other jobs..
I think that is true. I should do something like being a waitress to save up tips and stuff. Where all have you worked?
Howdy ! Where--- Big Horn & Black Bear Lodges in WY. Best Western in Gardiner MT., Soda Butte Lodge Cooke City MT., A goat farm in Uvalde TX. A NO-Kill dog farm in Keithsville KY.A summer day camp in West Chester PA., Am presently working at Telemark Resort in Cable WI. One other place I've worked was Gunflint Lodge in MN. I think you could make some GOOD MONEY there as a waitress. When you check these resorts out on the internet make sure you see how much they charge for R&B and also read the rules , it may keep you out of trouble
Thanks for sharing! and thanks for the tips! i appreciate it


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