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I am completely new to this coolworks stuff... I am searching for a summer job that will be fun and that will pay pretty well. I am a college student who just needs to make money for the upcoming year and wants an amazing experiene. I am overwhelmed with all these job listings :) I was just wondering if any of you have advice of where are the best places to work. Thanks!

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I agree serving or bartending is the way to go. Definitely some sort of tip based job. You will make a lot more money, for the other positions companies often offer an end of season completion bonus. Granted this can make up for the disparity of having a non-tipped position but in the end it is nowhere near what you you will make as a tipped employee.

Hope you have a great time we know you will!

I will keep this in mind! Thanks for the encouragement!
ya yellowstone is giving $2.00 aday bonus w/ you complete your contract the housin there is preety good i applied at ol faithful inn early may you get too see the snow still and all the animals around old faithful pretty cool site i hope i get the job as afood server was there in 02 lots of hiking water is every where west yellowstone is a small rsort twn 30 miles away i,ve worked there too grand teons is an hr away or so apply their as a server and you never know what could happen fortune favors the bold seixe the moment.
Where do you really really want to be? distance wise? What kind of experience are you looking for? As far as work is concerned, they will all fit into six or seven groups - front desk/reservations, housekeeping, retail, food services, maintenance, transportation, accounting. Look at the experience you already have, find something that matches and go for it.. You will do fine. If you bring a friend with you, you'll find it to be a better experience. I wish I had known about this the parks hiring when I was a college student... Good luck!
First seasonal experience...Signal Mountain. Yeah, I'm one of those guys here. The money depends on how much you want to party...I know some people left with significant cash...others were completely broke. You'll work your butt off, but you will have plenty of time for fun too. Um...but if you're into...let's just say...studying mind-altering'll be gone.


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