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I just received employment offer for position at Mammoth Hot Springs. Has anyone worked there or planning to? I'm especially interested in knowing what the dorm situation is like in order to plan what items to bring along. Are irons and boards available in the laundry facilities, are coffee makers permitted in rooms? I visited Mammoth last Fall and stayed at the Hotel, but of course being a guest and working there are two different circumstances. Any input as to how Xanterra selects roommates would also be helpful. Thanks for any info!

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Sorry, I don't have any info for you...I'm actually curious about the process you went through. When did you apply, how'd they contact you? Did you do a phone interview? How long till they offered you a job? I am just bouncing off the walls waiting for an offer! It feels like all I do is stare at this website (and the site, and check my mail anymore)
Thanks for your response! To answer your questions -I visited YNP last Fall with Montana friends who know the Park very well. I had an opp. to talk with a number of Xanterra employees since things were winding down. I actually applied very early and heard from HR before Xmas. Then nothing. Last week the paperwork arrived; although not what I applied for, I am still interested and am starting to make plans since I live in Northern Virginia. Also I backed up the on-line application with a formal cover letter and full resume which I forwarded shortly after applying. I am in a position to work a long season, which may have helped. Plus I had the benefit of communicating by email with an HR. Perhaps you might like to email HR. Nothing lost by doing so. Good luck!
you should know soon i accepted a job just this week it takes a month too get back you can call hr and they,ll probably till you by now of whats gouing on have any questions just ask yur frined angel
Yea!!! BJ! I too will be working in YNP at Old Faithful Snow Lodge this season. Jim Tobin has much information on Yellowstone and Xanterra and can be a world of help. For specifics, though, I have found that just calling the personnel center is the best advice. I do know that you can request specific dorms (not guaranteed, of course) in advance. Some dorms are apparently more rowdy than others; some have community bathrooms, others are shared between 2 or 4 people. I hadn't thought about irons and boards, though. Thats a good question. I am always leery about roommates. Never had a thief in college, but am always wary. I will be bringing a portable dvd player and cds and a fairly nice camera. Don't want to loose those. Beth
Thanks Beth! Although my offer is from Xanterra, I believe I'm being considered for Yellowstone Gas Stations as well since my employer has heard from them. I'm older, and would hope that Xanterra takes that into consideration in placing roommates. I do not plan to bring anything of great value (portable DVD player is on my check-list also). I will probably store some things (especially off-season clothes) with my friends in MT. One other thing, can I ship some things in ahead? Does anyone know?
ya bj you can send things ahead but be aware it might get shipped somewhere else usually it goes too garndiner fisrt so you should be okay well any questions go ahead and ask laters angel
Greetings, I worked at Mammoth back in the summers of 1992 and 1993. Things may be different now. There were two of the big dorms behind where most of the kids stayed, it was often loud with lot's of partying (guilty as charged). Two persons per room. There was one more dorm for management and supervisors further down. It was a quiet dorm. I stayed there my second season. I don't recall about ironing boards, coffee was no problem.Like I said this was 15 years ago. Mammoth is a great location for hiking in Montana. The Absorka Mountains just north of the Park are AWESOME. There are many areas outside of Yellowstone that have some of the best hiking areas in the Rockies. Cheers!
I worked there in 2005 and 2006 at the Old Faithful location and the dorms I thought were very nice 2 people per room with bathrooms shared between the the rooms or down the hall in some dorms. As for how they pick your roommateits definately by gender male with male, female with female but other than that I don't really know but both times my roommate was close to may age. Have fun
Thanks Brenda! I'm over in Laurel Mt now and will be coming in on the 24th. I hope Im not bringing too much. Guess I'll have to look for a roomie when I get in!
I work in Mammoth, and I can tell you that they do have ironing boards at least in the Juniper and Aspen laundries. You can borrow an iron from your RC (Residence Coordinator.) You can use a coffee maker in your room; other employees have had things like hot pots, microwaves and refrigerators working in their rooms, but cooking (like over an open flame) is definitely not allowed. Your room will be small, and you'll probably get (depending on where they put you) only part of a closet or armoire and a few dresser shelves, so pack light. Bring about a week's worth of clothing (casual stuff if your job has a uniform, business casual stuff if you work in the offices, your employment contract will tell you what you need to wear to work.) Also some dress-up clothing and stuff you would wear on a job interview. Hiking boots are essential, but unless you are doing miles of hiking every day, you don't need expensive ones. If you have a laptop, bring it because they have wi-fi in the dorms, but only 2 public internet computers for the entire location of 300 or so. The closest place to buy anything that's not a Yellowstone souvenir or an expensive convenience-store snack is five miles (and 1000 feet) down the mountain, so if you have a car, you will be _very_ popular here. ;) As for other stuff, the next important thing (at least for me) is entertainment. Music, books, movies, etc. You can rent movies and small DVD players at the Rec Center too. And people here love board games on rainy or snowy days so bring one or two and you'll make many friends.

As for how Xanterra picks roommates, I know from talking to my own RC that it's basically random, but, the Personnel Manager tries his hardest to put people of similar ages, temperament and job schedules together. He'll ask you a few questions when you check in to ascertain where he'll want to put you. If you have a specific person you want to room with, tell him when you arrive and he'll most likely be able to put you together. If you don't like your roommate, you can petition for a new roommate. With that said, hope you have fun this summer!
Thanks for great insight Jack! I have to bring a fair amount since I'll be there until Oct if all goes well, but I can always ship some back. I'm bringing my own iron and linens, as well as my own denims to work in, and I hope there's space under the beds for storage. I love board games too, but I guess I expected that the rec association would have that kind of thing available. I'm looking forward to a great summer!
I haven't worked at mammoth but have at other locations in the park. But everyone that checks in to work stays at Mammoth for a few days.
The dorms there are older but in fair condition. They are all close to the EDR and work.
In order of your questions;
Ironing boards? Yes, there is usualy at least one, but it may not be in very good condition.
coffee makers? yep! they are allowed. (microwaves too)
Room mate? uggh, they can and will put you in a dorm with the "older and bolder" people if you want. It's definately quieter that way. But as far as a room mate goes, they just assign you one. I can't remember the lady's name that runs the dorms but she is pretty cool and if you can't get along with your roomie, she will probably let you change.
Mammoth is a good location because it isn't as far to travel if you want to escape the park for a day or two. Only an hour and half or so to Bozeman. The Lamar Valley is close for good hiking, For short hikes you just have to go behind the dorm area. Have fun!


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