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I just got a job offer from Xanterra for Yellowstone. They do not seem very upfront regarding all the deductions they want.

The fine print says I have to pay for some kind of health coverage? I have insurance and don't need that! It also does not say how much I'll have to pay, just that I will. What's up with that? Does anyone know how much it is?

They state I'll have to pay for room and board, but the costs for that are vague also. It's based on how many hours you work. Ok, but how much per hour is it? There's a maximum amount, but does that mean I pay that for 40 hours a week, or do I just pay more per hour if I only work 20?

They also want a credit report???? Isn't that pretty invasive?


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I know some may disagree ... but if money is your main motivation, you ought to really be looking at something more permanent than seasonal employment in a park. I would suggest pursuing a career of some sort in a big employment center (i.e. city). The situation described by this gal in 2008 does sound pretty dismal, and I can see why she didn't do it.
The rule for tips in Yellowstone (Old Faithful last year) is that most tips will come on your paycheck (credit tips) and you tip out the busser and bartender. 25% was the normal tip-out. After all expenses I averaged 400-550 per week (which is horrid for a server, I make than in 2-3 days working here in Anchorage). But it is much better than the untipped positions (a friend averaged 200 a week cooking). Yellowstone, in general, is a lousy place to make money. Bozeman, Jackson, and West Yellowstone can give you similar experience all while making a very good income (if it is a tipped position). The health coverage is not insurance; It is a discount plan (as described by the doc when I went in for a toothache) and is very basic. If you need a good income, don't work in in a town nearby. If income does not matter, then Yellowstone can provide you with some very good lifelong friends from all over the world. It all depends on what you are looking for.
I have to agree with Aggie and AKS, you won't get rich working any job in the park. I fell in love with the place, and enjoy the people, that's why I go back. You can make a modest living if you're frugal, but servers or others used to a high income from tips will be disappointed.
Thank you for all the straight up money information...very helpful!!
Last year, DNC took out $4.50 a week for health insurance. Not too much.


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