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Hey, I'm looking at going to Alaska for the summer and the Denali Princess contacted me about a Barista position. Any idea if I would be able to make money doing this? I'm also curious about the housing situation there, the food, whatever it is, I'm sure I can deal with. Alaska is one of those places I've always wanted to go to, so I figured why not for a summer to kick off a year or two of living around the world before grad school. If anyone has any advice, ideas or comments I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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Hi Sara,

I worked for Princess in the Seattle office. I am not sure how much money you can make, but Alaska does have one of the highest minimum wages in the US, which definitely helps.

The housing is located about 10 miles north of DPL in Healy, AK. It's a huge building with lots of activities options. There is a shuttle that takes you from housing to work at the lodge. Pretty handy. They call it the Princess Homestead.

The food is provided in the EDR (employee dining room).

Hope this helps.

Kari :)
I spent 3 summers working at the Denali Princess. You won't make much money as a barista but you should have some fun. The food pretty basic cafeteria fare. The Princess housing has a institutional feel to it but its actually pretty good compared to other housing in Denali. The thing about Denali during the summer is if you absolutely hate your job you can usually walk across the street and get a new one. There are hundreds of jobs.
it the best deal as far as a seasonal job its only 14.75 a day for rent and food there are also many ways to get rid of this , like say become an RA. where i'm at now ii'm paying 21 a day just for the place i live. Its a major differance, because i still have to go to the store and buy and cook food. I will say its a great place to meet people so when you travel the world you can see friends too. i hope this helps
Let me know if you accept. I just accepted a position for 'room attendant' and I'm terrified! It'd be great to meet someone else going.
i'm accepted my job back in december i'm a hosekeeping supervisor. Maybe i'll be yours!
Hey Sara! I'm going to be working at Denali at Lynx Creek Pizza and Pub. I'm very excited!
Anyway, I'm thinking the same things you are.
Best of luck!
you can make some really nice money at lynx's
oh snap you mean in tips and stuff as well?
sounds awesome!
thanks for the heads up!
ya my first year up there my roommate made bank there!
they were bartending though right?
no she just was the pizza girl. to young to be iin the bar.
you guys are making me very exciteddd. haha.
money is niiice.
im so excited.

ill keep ya updated on how it all works out =0]


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