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Hey, I'm looking at going to Alaska for the summer and the Denali Princess contacted me about a Barista position. Any idea if I would be able to make money doing this? I'm also curious about the housing situation there, the food, whatever it is, I'm sure I can deal with. Alaska is one of those places I've always wanted to go to, so I figured why not for a summer to kick off a year or two of living around the world before grad school. If anyone has any advice, ideas or comments I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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Hey guys, I will be working the front desk...anyone else?
What are the hours I'll most likely work as room attendant?
I worked for Princess for the first part of last summer. As for the housing, think of doom room style, two small beds, two small closets, and one small tv. You share bathrooms/showers with everyone on the floor.(Girls on one, Boys on other) That is if your not in a couples room. (bath/shower in room) The food I will say is not the greatest, alot of fried food, and frozen ect...
The food and the housing is not the greatest, but as for the Denali area, it could be worse. I know the people the work at the Salmon Bake(bar, across the street from Princess) they all live in tents for the summer. Living in Healy's really great though. Great views of the mountains. Also theres a Restaurant/Bar in Healy, called Totem(where I'll be working) good food, and the bar's open late(if your old enough).
i have worked there 3 years and i have never had to share a bathroom with anyone. better chance for a girl not to share than a guy. the third floor of the building is completely guy well because sorry to say this guy but your dirty and you can't take care of anything so we moved you all up there. the only place where girl share a bath room is 2nd floor C hall. and thats reallyu just for the the girls who don't want to be around guys in anyway there really aren't sapposed to be in the hall but every once in awhile i girl will sneek one in.
there is a trade in libary whyere we pay movies on a projector. oh and if you old enough there is a bar in the homested/ northstar where we live.
True, the girls to have it a bit better then most guys there. But saying "all" of us can't take care of anything is a little fare. Although I've seen enough just out of the bathrooms to fully understand were your coming form. The bathrooms are one of the main reasons I quit. Cross the street, and I have my own bath, and better pay. Anyway back to Princess, everyones very nice, all looking to have fun after work. You might all ready know this but, people who work for Princess get pretty good discounts on things like river rafting, atv tours, and I think horseback tours too. Last summer right before the season starting Princess got to go rafting for free(so the new rafting guides had some mice to practice on first) but still good for you.


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