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I've been offered a retail job with Xanterra south rim. I'm thinking of taking it while continuing to look for other jobs. Seems like people on this forum have generally bad things to say about working there, especially about the employee housing. Is it really that bad? Even if it is bad I might still take the job if I knew I could leave as soon as I found something else. The job offer specifies that I would be an "at-will employee" and could quit without notice. Is it really easy to quit when you want, or am I going to get down there and find that they want me to sign some longer contract, or try to quit and find that it's not that easy? I just don't want to get stuck long-term in a crappy situation. Thanks for any advice.

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Hi There

Which dorm should I get

42 single working this winter Matt

can give me some heads up appreciate it

my email

working for Old Faith Til Oct start same month

U won't have much choice. They will stick u where ever they want to. Dorm buildings are not seperate by age.
I worked for Xanterra this summer. It is a at-will-contract. If you leave before your contract is up they may not ever hire you again at that property. Word passes quickly between HR office holder. If you get my drift.
I worked for Xanterra once (back when it was Amfac) and I never had any problems.

I have never had a job where employees didn't complain. It is just something we humans do.
first of all. go for it its an awsome place.some of the housing does suck like victom hall .but hr will work with you till find where you are happy.just stay away from the drunks anb bitchers who always hang out in the coman earea .you know the ones .that never do anything but complain. get out
and take advantage this only happens once in a life time
I have not worked at the Grand Canyon but worked for Xanterra (and Amfac before that) in Yellowstone 3 summers. They are very organized, do give support to their managers/employees and if you go with an open mind you will probably have a good time. They hire all types with little background checks, so you will find great people and those who are not. You have to make the best of it. If its just a summer job then you can put up with alot for a short time frame to enjoy the beauty of a national park. There is no experience like it, and although Grand Canyon wouldn't be my favorite I am sure you will enjoy yourself. I had a friend who worked there for 5 years and she loved the park.
Lauren: as a former manager for Xanterra - let me give you a hint! Its not all about you!!!! They are trying to run a business and there's nothing worse than trying to replace someone. You shouldn't have applied if you had no intention of staying the season. Don't put yourself or them through that unless you're serious. Xanterra is as good a company to work for, if not better, than the rest. It gets pretty hot at the Canyon, and housing is always a challenge no matter where you go because most of it is owned by the park service and they want to keep the area as non-commerical as possible, so I would suggest going somewhere else.
Hi Brenda, thanks for your opinion although it's too late to influence my decision since this question is two years old...Like I said above, I did end up working there for about 3 months, then getting a better job. I understand what you're saying, but I think that kind of turnover is pretty standard for Xanterra, and I think I was justified in not wanting to take a low-paying job sight unseen, in a place whose reputation is not exactly spotless, without being sure I had an out.
Hi Christina, thanks for your input although I posted this question two years ago...I did go work at the Canyon for a few months in the winter and then left for a better job. I know park housing always has its issues, and I understand it is hard for managers when emplyees leave, but who takes a $7-an-hour cashier's job expecting to never move up from that? I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "staying the season" as I was not hired on for any specific season, I was hired "at-will".
Hi there
Also been offered for winter
anyone know if Grand Canyon has Same Meal Plan as Yellowstone
here they be getting new employee housing soon
thanks Matt
There is no meal plan. U pay for whatever u eat.


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