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I've been offered a retail job with Xanterra south rim. I'm thinking of taking it while continuing to look for other jobs. Seems like people on this forum have generally bad things to say about working there, especially about the employee housing. Is it really that bad? Even if it is bad I might still take the job if I knew I could leave as soon as I found something else. The job offer specifies that I would be an "at-will employee" and could quit without notice. Is it really easy to quit when you want, or am I going to get down there and find that they want me to sign some longer contract, or try to quit and find that it's not that easy? I just don't want to get stuck long-term in a crappy situation. Thanks for any advice.

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Just to clarify: "at-will employer/at-will employer" means that you are not under contract to continue work for a company if you do not want to. It means that you can quit whenever you want/feel it is necessary, without giving notice. On the same hand, it means that the employer, Xanterra, does not have to give you notice to fire you. They can let you go whenever they want if you do something that is not "policy" or within your job description, and get in trouble.
I will start working for Xanterra in Yellowstone this April and its my first time as a seasonal employee. So far, I have been able to call them and get advice and info. They sent me a big packet of stuff about the job, things to do, places to stay, items to brings, etc. I am excited, but I realize that I will be working, and that I will not be living at home. Nothing is perfect, but I am up for a bit of adventure. And, if I don't like it and it can't be fixed, then I can quit, with no problem.

Best of luck. Keep your expectations somewhat on the low side. Remember it is a job, not a vacation. And bring your great personality to the mix to make whatever lemons you find there into a luscious lemon popsicle!
Thanks for the advice. I went abhead and took the job so I guess I'll see how it is for myself...
I applied for a job as an estimater (South Rim) with the National Parks and would like to find out about the housing issues and how long it takes to receive housing for my family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
they dont pay much any hoo have fun and good luck lauren lol angel
If someone has anything (else) positive to say about their experiences....or suggestions about the South Rim...would really appreciate it. (Getting nervous!)
Don't feel bad, I'm kind of nervous too. I look at it like this, I going to go out there and have fun and not listen to all the bullshit!!! Just got to be positive!!!! Good Luck!!!
Hey Kristin, I've been here over a month now and my experience has been good. The housing is not bad at all; it is dorm housing but it's no worse than my college dorm was. Pay is low but it's enough to live on and still put some away, since there's really nothing to spend money on up here and food and housing are cheap for employees. The food is bad, but not awful. I've mostly met good people, although it seems to be true that they do hire just about anybody. Hope that helps.
Thanks, Lauren. Your response is reassuring and appreciated. What area are you working in? Is there a dorm that is more quiet?


I'm working in retail. I live in Colter Hall, the women's dorm, which is probably where you'll be unless you request to live somewhere else. I'm happy living in Colter; it's not too loud and reasonably clean, and the vibe is pretty friendly and safe. I think most of the complaints you hear about the housing here are about the men's dorm, Victor Hall, which is a little sketchier. I can't really tell you whether the other housing is better since I haven't lived there.
Hey Lauren,
Do you know of anything about the co-ed dorms? I can't quite rememebr the name of the one i was thinking about but just wondering if you had heard anything of them?

*I leave May 11th! im so NERVOUS!*
I've been offered a job with Xanterra South Rim. I start May 20th 2008, can you give me some advice!!! My best friend is coming out with me ,and we both request that we would like to room together. Are they pretty good about housing???
I'll be there May 28th. Nice you have a friend coming with you-Jamie. Thanks Brenda...Preciate the advise!


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