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I've been offered a retail job with Xanterra south rim. I'm thinking of taking it while continuing to look for other jobs. Seems like people on this forum have generally bad things to say about working there, especially about the employee housing. Is it really that bad? Even if it is bad I might still take the job if I knew I could leave as soon as I found something else. The job offer specifies that I would be an "at-will employee" and could quit without notice. Is it really easy to quit when you want, or am I going to get down there and find that they want me to sign some longer contract, or try to quit and find that it's not that easy? I just don't want to get stuck long-term in a crappy situation. Thanks for any advice.

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The company is large and corporate with a concentration on making money, but then again they have 3-4 months to do it in, unlike most companies. They have to make money to survive... The experience is going to be what you make of it. The only time I have had a problem with employers (2X) is when they brought me across the country and flat-out lied to me about the job. When Xanterra was AMFAC, I worked for them and they did not once lie to me about anything.
It is 24 hour-a-day partiers who usually dislike Xanterra because those partiers want to play all the time, not work. Most people will raise hell once in a while (I do myself), but it IS a job, not Animal house. If you do your job well, you will be appreciated accordingly.
You can quit whenever you want. Just be considerate and don't disappear in the middle of the night like many people do. Be sure to turn in all you uniforms and leave your room in reasonable condition or you will be fined.
I am a past employee of Xanterra and as long as you don't party all night and balk at hard work you're fine. I spent two wonderful( for the most part) years there. I worked my way up to lead host II. Yes Xanterra has some faults but so does every other company in the world. The secret to working at a Xanterra property is to keep your mind open to new things and expect to work hard especially during the spring to late fall season. They have no contracts so you give a two week notice if you want to go back. The housing is not all that great Colter hall the womens dorm is at least 80 years old and haunted but it is survivable. However if you want a good deal, have a car, don't mind being isolated a bit and are EXTREMELY good with money Look 26 miles east at Desert View their housing is phenominal and the long timers are toughies but great people.
Your experience with Xanterra very much depends upon you. My last Christmas season there was a busy one but just awesome. I got to work the Canyon railway on their polar express handing out cookies and cocoa to kids and reading the Polar express as we rode to the North Pole. There are no Contracts with this property you give a two week notice.
I hope this helps
I have some sort of specific questions... such as, what is the pet policy in the dorms (could I keep my hamster?) and how many people per bathroom? Is the food vegetarian friendly, or are there at least vegetarian options? If you have a car, is there a place to store and/or park it? How small are the rooms?

Is the women's dorm really haunted?
There are a ton of rumors about Colter Hall being haunted. I never experienced anything myself but I knew at least five people who said they saw weird things. There are also rumors that the El Tovar is haunted as well as Hopi House. If you're interested in that sort of thing - just ask around and you'll hear all sorts of wild stories. (I personally think ghost stories are kind of fun but I know some people don't like them.)

The bathrooms are 'down the hall' - ala not in your room. I think (IIRC) each bathroom has about 8 stalls and four showers. They are old but usable - the laundry facilities are downstairs but be warned - they have very old washers and dryers. Or at least they were old three years ago. Maybe they've replaced them by now.

Parking - in the summer it can be quite hard to find a decent place to park but in the off season it's not too bad. I used to be able to park right under my window in the Fall/Winter.

The room size varies - some are quite spacious (I lucked out and got a decent sized room) and some are rather small. It just depends on where space is available on what size room you end up with.

I hope that helps a little bit.
Hi Kate...Pets aren't allowed. I've heard of people keeping them secretly, but I also experienced the proctor checking all the rooms because she heard someone had a cat in the dorm. In Colter there's one bathroom per floor, like LW said about 4 showers and around 6 stalls. It's possible to eat vegetarian, but don't get your expectations too high in terms of food quality. You can park for free anywhere you can find a spot, but spots can be hard to find. Like LW said there is variation in room sizes, and I also lucked out and got a larger room with just one roommate, and it was plenty big enough. If you end up in a room with two other people though it's going to be really cramped. And no I never saw any ghosts... :) Hope that helps.
Kate, you absolutely must not bring a pet! Especially a stinky one like a hamster. The dorm rooms are so crowded, you would need to keep the cage on YOUR bed. I believe there are health codes regarding that request that would be violated. NO PETS, NO FAMILY, NO GUESTS sleeping in the dorm rooms. Bathrooms are shared, usually 2-4 to a bathroom. Be sure to carry a shower caddy to and from the bathroom so you keep your things together and don't leave them for others to "borrow".
I have a few questions, for anyone who can answer them, as I just got offered a job a few days ago.
1.Do the showers, in the common dorms, have curtains and are they separate from eachother? This is a pretty big concern for me as I don't like looking at other people showering and vice versa.
2.Is there somewhere where toiletries can be bought, besides the resorts [im pretty sure overpriced] shops?
3.Servers...what was your experience like and on average were the tip outs good?

Thank you.
1. Yes
2. There's the General Store, but it's pretty overpriced too. You'll do better to stock up on things in Flagstaff on your way in.
3. I wasn't a server, but from what I heard from servers I knew, the level of tips depends on where you work. Servers at El Tovar (the nicest restaurant) got really good tips, but in the cheaper places, not as good.
Hi there. My name is Larry. I've worked for that company, and yes the housing is real bad there. However the food and the views are spetcular there. Keep an open mind when going.
I live at Brandt Hall, which is a co-ed dorm on the South rim of the Grand Canyon....I have been on a waiting list for almost a year to move to another place in this park.
I am finally in a new dorm (Brown Building). I no longer have to worry about having anymore roomies. This room is small & the shared bathroom is still down the hall...but it all mine.


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