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Hey guys! I accepted a job out in Wyoming in the Elephant Head Lodge, which is 11 miles east of Yellowstone's East Gate, and I would love to share a ride with someone. I live in Indianapolis, and I wondered if anyone was heading out west the same time I was? I need to be out there near the beginning of May, so if you're coming from anywhere near the Midwest, please send me a message! I'm willing to split gas prices AND pay for accommodation on the way. Let me know ASAP!

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Don't want to dampen your spirits, but after viewing your "bathroom rave" I really don't think you are going to like Elephant Head. Very strict owner with many rules for employees - doesn't condone partying or drinking, has curfews, etc. If that's the area you want to be in, you would have much more fun down the road about 7 miles at Pahaska Tepee (2 miles from East Gate). When you get there, maybe you should go to Pahaska (but don't let the owner know - you're not allowed to go there!) and meet the owners so you have another option in case it doesn't work out. Better to be prepared - right?
I'm slightly offended that you assumed I'm headed out West just to drink and party. I have no plans of any "partying" at the EHL, so "strict rules" are not a problem for me. Thanks for the advice.
I'm terribly sorry to offend you...but I guarantee you wouldn't have been hired if the owner had seen that video. I wasn't saying you are partyer, just that it looks like you like to have fun and you won't have any there. You might as well stay home with your parents. I was only trying to help before you make a mistake and get stuck in WY without a job. But since you know it all, go on with yourself and have a WONDERFUL summer. Whatever....
i am going from ky to yellowstone. leaving end of april.
that's a terrible ( but beautiful) area to be without your own car.
Still need a ride I am heading to Tetons on april 23rd arriving april 27 th taking time along the way to see the sights .
Hey Lindsay...I'll be heading to Yellowstone mid April...I'm coming from VA but stopping in Edwardsville, Il as well as Colorado Springs and then out to San diego for a few days before heading up to the park. A friend of mine from san diego is flying here and then riding back out with me but I'm goin it alone from there to WY so it'd be cool to have some company. We are leaving the 15th of April and could meet up with you that evening...I realize this is a few weeks before you need to arrive but it should be an interesting road trip and the few days in san diego should be a lot of fun from what i hear. So let me know, I'd be happy to take you along.
that is not really cool, nor is it your business or mine but still a hit below the waste....:(
another thing. I just watched the video and where the hell do you get the idea that 2 people playing around with a camera, a dad getting dish soap, and a mother listening to a voice message is partying?....way off base!
i'm driving out to jackson hole from PA and was planning on driving through Indianapolis. I'll probably be in Indianapolis between May 18th and May 22nd, and into Wyoming before June 1st. If your interested give me a call at 802-287-8643.


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