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I would love to get some feedback from other seasonal work veterans about your bosses. What do you think makes a good seasonal boss or employer? From experience what have you learned to look for when weighing options?

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The problem here is that you never know what the managers are like until you get there, and they change as frequently as any other seasonal personnel. If you get good managers your experience will be awsome, and if you get bad managers it can be ruined very quickly. When we were at Mesa Verde everything was going great until we got a new Food & Beverage Manager. In our building there were nine people who quit in one week, some 25% of the employees in that building. All because of one new manager who didn't get it. The best advise I can give if you get a bad one is to avoid them as best you can and try to focus on why you chose that location in the first place. If you get a good one you will be having too much fun to worry about it.
I think the most effective managers that I have had have all been CHILL!! No running into the walk-in to cry when it gets busy, no stressful veins popping out when working out sales numbers. In my opinion the best (and healthiest) managers are calm and will discuss any problems you might have in a respectful manner.
A good boss is one who values a hard working employee and rewards hard work appropriately either with thanks or opportunity for promotion.

A bad boss is one who is afraid and threatened by a hard working intelligent employee! Or one who shows favoritism by offering promotions or other on the job perks to friends working under them.

I had experience with both!


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