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38 and 41 year old couple looking for national parks the forums I've read, it seems that a lot of the housing is suitable to single people only (dorms for either male or female).
Any ideas for jobs for couples who actually want to live in the same housing unit? We have Death Valley and Alaska in mind, but are open to other locations, too. (we have no kids)

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A lot of places have couple housing, you just have to inform them when you apply. usually there is a place on the application where it inquires if you are applying with anyone. Aramark has a bunch of places with couples housing. Good Luck Folk's!
In Alaska have you ever worked on a cruise line? My husband and I are looking for summer work. This sounded interesting.
Thanks, Becky
At Princess in Denali most housing is set up for two. Couples fit right in. The unit is three buildings, three stories high tied together at various points. Entry to the rooms is inside. This is not set up dorm style. More of a hotel style. You would each pay room and board out of your pay. There are also cabins available in the local area of Healy. Some cabins are wet, some are dry. Dry cabins have no running water...etc! So be careful what you rent. There are actually many couples that work here over the summer so you will not be the only couple.
Of course, the only way to ensure good couples "digs" is by getting a motorhome or travel trailer and work at a propery that provides hookups. Otherwise, have good communications with HR and/or your department manager well ahead of time. During my 4 summers at Crater Lake I never knew a couple who wasn't able to get a room of their own; however, sometimes it was not the most ideal arrangement.

Good luck.

Grand Teton Lodge Company also has housing for couples...and we hire alot of people that are couples...
Thanks for the reply. Could you give any insight as far as health insurance? If available, is it a reasonable cost to employees? Some locations online don't mention it, or very briefly cover the subject. Thanks! Vicki
You will not find health insurance for the most part for seasonal employees. I believe that Glacier offered it, but I don't think that Grand Tetons Lodge Company has it. However, I could be wrong on that. Hope this helps and good luck in your travels...
Signal Mountain Lodge has a dorm for us older couples with a view of the Tetons and we are still hiring for the summer season. Look up our site here on coolworks for openings or call our HR dept for availability.
Thanks for your reply, Bruce & Rose. Can you give any insight on health insurance options?
Reasonable cost to employees/availability requirements? The online info on some parks is a bit vague.
Thanks, Vicki
SML doesn't offer health insurance to seasonal employees. Give Kelsey in HR for any questions. Tell her I, Rose referred you.
Good Luck in your job search. We have been full-time RV seasonal employees for 10 years now and love it.
Vicki, my husband and I are 55 and 59, we have been working in campgrounds and resorts for 8 years now. We live fulltime in a travel trailer. In the years we have been doing this, we always get a full hook up site to live on while we are working somewhere. Sometimes we have a pay a small fee for the site, but it is never full price.

We have tentative offers for jobs at Grand Canyon North Rim, and they have told us there is an RV site for us there. I do not know if all of the national parks have rv sites available because this is the first time we will be working at a national park, but you can call the HR person and ask.

Our RV is a 34 ft travel trailer with two slide outs. We have a lot of room and it is very comfortable. It is not top of the line, but it meets our needs.
Karen - Thanks for the info! The RV option seems to be the best one available for numerous reasons.
thanks again, vicki


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