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I have accepted the job as a room attendant at the denali princess for the summer. I am terrified, and have sat here with my contract trying to decide if I really want to do this. I was hoping someone would share with me the pro's and con's so I can make a better decision.
I'm the kind of person who really thrives on having people in my life and having close friends and I'm so terrified of leaving my friends behind. ON another hand, I want to branch out and do something that will be good for me. I was just hoping to get a feel for it... from someone who is not admin there, you know, so it isn't sugar coated...

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i have been working in housekeeping at denali princess for 2years and i'm return this year for a 3rd i love housekeeping, we have the most fun. i do have to say working at princess has open so many doors for me. the only really bad thing about hosekeeping is that it seems like the same thing over and over agian. and agian. any more questions just ask.
Is making friends pretty easy up there? I'm terrified I'll get up there and just lonely.
So, housekeeping isn't exceptionally difficult or anything?
You often regret the things you don't do far more than the things you do. Go for it!!! I have been at that lodge... a lot of cool, adventurous people. You will find that Denali is far from isolated in the summer. There is an entire community that pops up from many different places, and it is an eye-opener. Go for it!!!
I suck at keeping my own house clean. but housekeeping is so much easier because just think there nothing in the room but a bed. it is so easy to make friend and i think you will fit in perfectly. We are perrty much one big seasonal family up there. scott is right in the winter there are 200 people in the town of healy/deanli but in the summer about 10,000 pop up plus up the guest that come to the hotels around. oh ya in the winter there is one bar in the summer there is over 13. i always find that fact funny. Plus your ahead of the game you already know one of the supervisors!
you ,ll enjoy the place really bus into work w/ the gruop and just be yurself plenty of ppl too meet yuor okay just do it and dont hesitate you mite get lost , kicks butt out there by the nenana river planes flyin by ppl haven fun walkin around really nice backyard caio angel.
You may regret NOT doing it later in life.

I accepted a job for the McKinley Princess Lodge... I too am nervous.. but my feelings of excitement beat the nerves. : )


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