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I see they are perpetually hiring on here. I got an offer for Yellowstone but I'm thinking about somewhere less crowded. Anybody ever worked there? Thoughts? I'm most interested in living conditions. Any info is appreciated.

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I worked for the National Park Service as a seasonal VUA. Ioved it there, and went back for 5 seasons. I can't speak for the concessionaire, though. I think people either hate it or love it, depending on what their job is. The weather is nice most of the time, it doesn't get very hot, doesn't rain much. Scenery is astounding. And co-workers were fun to work with and spend time with after work. It all depends on your attitude about the job and where you are in my opinion.

Hi Brian.  I was in the Deli at the NR in 2011.  We had one major blip mid-season, but overall we were good.  Main kitchen and servers hated it.  Porters loved it.  Housekeeping was average...with many J1s.  Maintenance did OK.  Recycling department was a mess.  Cookout was mismanaged and then screwed up most of the season.  Basically, it depended on where you were and what you're social mix is like.

Some like to use 'all' and 'everyone' when they really mean just their small group.  Similarly it's easy to peg Forever Resorts because of 2 properties for a couple of years...but you have to realize they have also run Big Bend, Isle Royale and Signal Mountain...which all rate very highly in every favorite list.

I go somewhere new just about every summer, so that season wasn't a factor in me not returning.  I keep track of a few people each year...out of the couple hundred.  I didn't see any significant complaints throughout the last summer, for the NR or Bryce.

What position are you interested in?  Good luck in whatever you choose.

Hi Keith,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Especially helpful on the department-by-department breakdown.  I've also noticed what you said -- I haven't seen any complaints (or, really, feedback of any kind) on the NR summer 2012 season.

Signal Mountain was one of the other places we applied to. My partner and I are looking for seasonal work together,  and we're sort of limited to where we can go. She's coeliac (no gluten diet) and a lot of places said they can't really work with that -- Yellowstone included.  BTW, Signal Mountain, had the best handle on g-free options.

I'm looking at a position with Maintenance -- want to be working outdoors as much as possible.  She's looking at retail.  It seems that the jobs are ours to be had... and I'm anxious to lock something in and start making the appropriate plans.

We also have applications in to South Rim, Signal Mountain Lodge, and Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch.  Other places we've thought to apply to, but haven't yet, are Lake Powell Resorts and Stone Water Cove Resorts Spa.


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