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I see they are perpetually hiring on here. I got an offer for Yellowstone but I'm thinking about somewhere less crowded. Anybody ever worked there? Thoughts? I'm most interested in living conditions. Any info is appreciated.

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housin is decent at all places in sde the park were did u get the offer
north rim housin kinda chady but hey all you need is a place too lay yur head rite?
North Rim dorms are brand new! North side is alot quieter than the south, colder too. It's over an hour drive to the nearest grocery store. Last season they had an employee pub, but they were talking about getting rid of that.
HI, my husband and I got tentative offers for jobs with the National Park Service at the North Rim, we are waiting for a background check for it to be a done deal. We live in a travel trailer, they said we will have an RV site there. I am really looking forward to this job.

I know we have been told it is over an hour to the nearest grocery store, but is there a C store closer? Just wondering about that. Any info from someone who has worked there would be great.
ya thre is a small general store there at the camp grounds but plesae make sure you have what you need before enterin the area take care ppl,
Yes I am going to the North Rim for the summer. Front desk at the lodge. I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for the responses.

Happy Trails, JG
Hey, good to hear from you! We will be getting married this summer. I'm at Zion and she will be too. We left the NR and travelled for a month together, then she went home and I went to work a Bryce for a month and then Zion which is where I'm at now. She's coming here this summer and we'l get married!!!! She wants to do it in Vegas and I want to do it at the NR so we'll see... Where are you headed for summer? Keep me posted... JG
Jon! You guys are getting married?? That is sweet! I am so happy for you! How random that you would have gone there to work for a summer and she would end up being the person who taught us opera hahahaha and then you end up falling in crazy love! I love it. So are you heading back to the nr for the summer or what?
I'm working front desk at the lodge this summer also. Looks like we'll be co-workers. Do you know any specifics about any of this?
I'll be there at the North Rim too! I've never been to the north rim and am really looking forward to it. I'm going to be working in the gift shop.

Just thought I'd say hi! :)
I'll be working in housekeeping at the North Rim. Does anyone have experience with this job? I'm excited to get started.

bump this thread -- thinking about working at North Rim this year.  How did you all like your time there?


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