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Hey all! I'll be working at Lynx Creek Pizza and Pub. I can't find any pictures of it on the internet! Does anyone know anything about it, maybe that has eaten/worked there in the past?

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I've eaten there and the pizza is yummy. Good atmosphere. : )

Awesome thanks!
I'm excited =0]
cool place everyone goes their after work a tavern setting on onside and a pizza joint on the other side apatio out back for sunny days decent music which is live in the late afternoon on the grounds at the side of the wilderness lodge but beware mgmt can be asses there last call is early around 11:30 but who care ,s the bake is across the street they close at 4am last call is at 3;30 we,ll till later on kat any questions jus ask me i,m angel i was there 07 summer take care at the chalets stay warm i,m ouuta here.
thaaanks so much.
how were your hours?
and what was your schedule like?

what was your bi weekly pay avg. (if you dont mind me asking)? =0] its cool if not
decent you can always get a pt time job at the bake or across the street gurl no worries have fun lol angel tell them you want nites day time kinda slow everyone walking around all the fun starts at nite babey hel ya,.
haha right on. and yeah i was planning on working nights. should be pretty tight.
sweet rock on and happy tenting ps myspace/ renray666 if your curious too know who i am i,m me and yur you caio.
Lynx Creek rocks! It's a great place, what will you be doing there? The pizza is great and everyone goes there to drink. It looks like a log cabin, it has a dining only area, a bar area, and a patio with tables and umbrellas. You'll like it.
Cool, im excited.
and hunnngry.
I love the Lynx it has great pizza and a good atmosphere.

Can not wait to be back in Denali in 3 1/2 weeks. yes
come visit!

where you workin at jon?
I am working at the Grande, across the street and up the mountain side.



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