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God, can someone please help me!!! So I bought a new Laptop to take to Alaska tonight. And so I need to put all the stuff on my ipod onto it, however I can not find the "right" program that will let me copy ALL of the files. I have found a bunch of programs, but they only let you do 15, or 30 transfers. Please stop the madness, and tell me what to use? Also, never buy an ipod as they are the devil it seems. For the record, I didnt buy this one it was a gift.

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Should have bought a Mac, much friendlier, seamless transfer. Sorry buddy, don't know why you are having such problems you should be able to just drag all the files across!
There's a program called Senuti (iTunes spelled backwards) you can download for free online. That will allow you to reload your music into Senuti from your iPod...I know that works for Macs but I'm not sure about PCs. Apple ought to rule the world.
Try Music Rescue, which has always worked for me in the past. It's nagware, so you will have to click through a few obnoxious messages, but there are no limits to the number of files you can copy. iTunes will let you copy over files you got from the iTunes store, but not anything else.

Alternately you can just copy all the files over from the iPod manually. Have fun re-naming everything...

Whatever you do, don't tell iTunes to sync your iPod with the new computer until after you've copied all the songs off of it.
Sean, thanks for the response. I actually found that program a few days ago and used it with success. Your right about it being nagware, have to click a box every 50 songs you transfer and with 145 gigs of music it took forever!!!! But it's all done now and I have all my music on my new computer. Hope I never have to do that again!


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