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Let us hear your thoughts. Are we onto something here?

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(Gotta check out this Forum thing....)

I like the implementation of this social network deal. Seems to tie together a lot of stuff that we're tuned into (discussions, pics, video, tags, geocoding) and does it in a nice, clean way.

The only thing I haven't uncovered yet is RSS feed action...

Ooo! I like the 15 minute window to edit your post once it's been posted! Nice touch!
Thanks Erin,

This is all made possible by a company at They've acknowledged some of the inviting and sign-up issues but it still seems to be a little clunky.

I haven't tried the address book option but I'll pass your feedback along.

The basics of the setup are intriguing - some of the details are still a little sketchy but we're hoping that they'll have it all dialed in soon so that we feel more comfortable rolling it out.

Thanks for your patience and perseverance in helping us shake it down.
I like it! Its like myspace without all the garbage... very nice :). Now that I actually have my page, I have had no worries. RSS feed is a very snazzy option.
I think a social networking site will be excellent for coolworks. After all, we can be anywhere across the country or the world, for that matter. Since most coolworkers are NOT 9-5ers it is difficult to just drive and see them. This is an excellent way to stay in touch with them and meet new people of the same mindset.... especially those who are in foreign countries that we meet in the parks(Russians, Polish, etc.).
i think a search option when you are looking at members would be a cool function. You could search by male/female, certain age, keywords, etc. Just a thought.
I like this site. The only problem I have had was when I put in a request to join no one got back to me so I had to leave a message on the old forums and then my request was approved. From reading other messages on the other Cool Works forum that has happened to others.

It would be nice to have a section where we could review employee experience at the different parks and resorts. Employee experience would include: housing, food, pay, activities and management treatment of employees.

Cool Works is by far the best seasonal jobs board / social networking site. I like Cool Works as much as I like Facebook! I can't live without either.


A social network for those who want to compare and share their work and life experiences in great places.

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