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For those of you who aren't driving to Alaska, or I guess where ever (this is a pretty general question)

So I'm not driving out to Alaska because I have a lot going on in the month of May. I have no idea what to do with my ten year old car for the three months I'll be gone. Selling it isn't an option, and I can't just let it sit in my mom's driveway for 3 months (that's not good for the car if I want it to still run when I get back). What does everyone who's not driving up do with their cars? It's a strange question, but I need ideas...

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I always put my jeep in a storage unit. Usually runs about 20 to 30 bucks a month. I usually have to charge the battery when I come back to it, and sometimes add some air to the tires. But this has been my normal for years now with no problems. And my Jeep is 18 years old.
i would just leave it with a family member who you trust to drive it every once in awhile and keep it up.
Be cautious when lending your car out. I did that for a friend last summer and when I got back I drove it for 3 days and the tranny blew up. Nothing you can say or do about it, but it was a bummer for sure.
Echoing Rob's comment and one of my husband's favorites..."Nothing improves the performance of a vehicle more than having a title in someone else's name." Be careful, but I would leave it with someone you trust and have them start it every once in a while or surrender to the fact that you need a new battery, which aren't that crazy expensive.
For sure. I wouldnt lend it to my friends haha.
But, yeah, I'm leaving mine with my folks so theyll take it out.
It's a brand new Kia so im bummed that I can't take it with me! But I didn't want to put all those miles on it coming from texas.
I'm also leaving my truck with the family. They need it anyways to move furniture and the like, and offered to cover the insurance for the time that i'm away. I'd definetly look into what your insurance has to say about other drivers before you lend it out for that long a period.
im letting my sister use it while im gone so it stays in use
Whats worse than finding something to do with 1 car for a summer? Securing 2 cars! One is currently for sale, the other will probably spend it's warm months in my best friends garage... only leaving to stretch it's legs at the race track. Thats probably the only thing I'll miss from home, the entire race season.

Letting a car sit for 4 months isn't going to hurt a thing really, I would probably disconnect the battery before leaving; but it's not a huge deal. Just make sure you've got a set of jumpers when you pick it back up. And obviously make sure all the windows are rolled up to keep moisture out. Air freshener in the cabin, and all items that might leave a smell are taken out... nothing worse than coming back from a long trip only to have your car smell like ass! When you get back the vents may smell a bit funny depending on your climate; hot, moist environments may encourage slight bacterial growth but the smell will go away after a bit, or a quick spray of Lysol into the vent intake.

If you're planning on letting the car sit forever I would run the car as close to E before parking it, then show up with a can of fresh gas to get you to the gas station for your next fill up. That being said, I've left one of my cars completely untouched for 6 months and had it fire up on the first crank, with only a slight protest from the lifters before oil pressure completely built back up.


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