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So for the past month or so I've been faxing and filling out apps for seasonal employment in AK. While I haven't heard back from many of the companies, a handful have responded that all summer positions are currently full. I asked that they keep my resume on file and keep me in mind for future openings.
Now I believe that you get what you think about and everything happens in it's own time, so I'm not giving up and I'm not getting discouraged. But I was a little concerned. Do you guys think I'm too late? Or just impatient? Should I start applying for another state? I know the season starts next month and some have started already, but I also know a few start in June. I'm excited and know I'll find something but any tips, suggestions?

Oh, Coldfoot Camp, Yukon River Camp and Deadhorse Camp did return a call offering a position but I wasn't sure about these "Camps". Has anyone worked for them on here?

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did you try any of the companys in Denali alaska? i have been to and know people who have worked at the camps but they are really camp and deadhorse is just what it soundsa like a dead horse.,
I applied to pretty much every place on here for AK. I mean, about a fifth of the fax numbers wouldn't work but all the others I believe so. It's only been about a week so maybe they are just busy atm. Denali seems nice. A little closer to civilization.
not all places like faxes princess for one in Denali use online application. there are still some possitions there i don't really know what your looking for but hey
The best time to apply is late Jan / early Feb for Alaska. I sometimes just drive to a location and look for work when I want to work in the smaller and less corporate places, but I usually have some $$$ to fall back on. Temp companies can help with that. Jackson, Wyoming will be perfect for driving to and applying in person... more work than you can apply for. Good Luck....akscootr
You are far better off applying with the online applications. Have you tried Aramark? I'm not sure what you do , but jobs are usually available. It's such a large operation they need tons of people all the time. Good luck!
If you jsut head up there and go to a touristy place like Seward or Denali and aren't too picky you can find a job any time of the summer. I did it my first two seasons and have now lived up there for 3 1/2 years. In mid summer a lot of people quit or get fired and starting mid August a lot of foreign and US students return to school. Call to some of the big toruist places ahead of your journey and ask if they need someone. They always do. Don't despare, take even a dishwashing job if you have too, but there is always something. If nothing else head to Anchorage where there is always work.
Thanks for all the responses. I'm not picky as far as a job description goes. I'll work doing anything for about anything as long as I have enough time off to explore and follow up on my own desires. IE fishing, photography, thi-chi, exercise and meditation. It would be a big step to just head out there without knowing exactly who will hire me but I'm sure it's a chance I'm willing to take. I'm capable of doing anything and everything so....thanks. I'll take everything into consideration and follow up with phone calls to the lodges that really stood out to me for employment. Wyoming seems nice even though I never really thought I would enjoy Wyoming. But like I said, anything with mountains and fishing can't be all bad. THANKS!
Andrew I will will be arriving in Alaska tomorrow and will talk to my boss for you, as I haven't been able to get an answer from him through Email. Pretty busy time of year for him I would assume. So look for a comment from me on your wall in the next few days, and hopefully we can get you to Alaska sooner than later man! Don't give up!
Hey man, let your boss know I just got hired in as an entry level cook/dishwasher at a local brewery/pub and I'm definately the canidate for the job. Porters and stouts FTMFW!
I'm not giving up, even though friends and family say I'm crazy. In my heart I know where I need to be and what I need to be doing. WE ALL DO. Thanks again for all the post. It's just what I was hoping for. Advice from anyone experienced. I hope I can help others in the future as much as those of you on this website have helped me.
No worries man, I was once in your shoes too and had some help getting into my first seasonal job. Thats what this site is all about. Congrats on the job, I love me some dark stout beers. Very Partial to Guinness, However Boulevard a local brewery here in Missouri has a a really good dry porter, oh and cant forget the Bells brand of porter and stout...Oh i could go on and on about quality drinks. Hopefully we can kick back and enjoy some this summer while slaying some giant fish!
The big companies (ARAMARK, Princess, Holland America) certainly still have openings if you aren't too particular about what you do. Maybe just start calling around to HR departments and see if they can help you. Showing up and asking for a job sometimes works as long as housing isn't too terrible, though they may force you to fill out an online application even if you try to apply in person.


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