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I'm an older guy (62) who has worked one year in Yellowstone. I've read that some jobs allow you to live in your RV. I don't know a lot about RV's. Can anyone recommend what kind of RV I might consider specifically for seasonal work in the national parks? My needs are modest and I would buy or rent a used RV if that is a reasonable thing to do.

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Hi Rusty - We're new to the whole seasonal work thing, as well as RVing - but we're doing both in Yellowstone this year. Fishing Bridge RV park employees have to have an RV to live it, so we just bought a tiny 30 year old rv (that's in decent condition) to take. What is your definition of modest? We've lived in a semi cab for the last 3 years, so 23 feet is down right spacious to us. However, we are convinced it will be the oldest and smallest RV in the park. It will also be the cheapest (coming in at 2,500$ after two new tires and a water heater).
Thanks Shannon. Both the semi-cab and the 23 footer sound unduly luxurious to me. How did you go about finding it? Should I look on my own or find a dealer.
By the way, I love the Fishing Bridge area. It is a wee bit remote though.
Hey Rusty; Ill be living in an Rv for the summer in Jackson hole area. I just bought a used 68 trailer 18ft. Did a lil work to it and got it for 900 total bout 1200 all said and done. If you want a driveable rv the old 76-78 dodge motorhomes are pretty good usually and you can get them at a great price. Had one before and got a lot out of it. Anyway good luck this summer.
Thanks Mark. My neighbor is a retired mechanic who owns one of every thing that was built with an engine 50 years ago. When he says that he did a little work on something, that usually means that he tore it apart and put it back together over the course of a winter. Are used Dodge Motorhomes available in the Jackson - Yellowstone area?
Hey ya Rusty; Yeah I know what ya mean. I had to paint the interior and redid the floor not a lot of mechanical issues since it is a trailer. Not going to be the prettiest thing there but will do for the summer. I have found mine on craigslist. In wyoming there are not a lot but some good deals do come up. I live in Denver and there are always good things that popup whether it be a trailer or a driveable RV. But good luck on the search its going to be a great summer up there I am sure. Have a good day.
We ended up buying an RV that wasn't on the market yet from an older couple that we didn't know. However - in our search we looked at ones in the classified ads in our local newspaper, an online group called freecycle for tips and advice about where to look in the area (everyone should check out their local freecycle group! has world wide listings of local groups) and our local credit union has a swap sheet for members. We didn't get the chance to look at local dealerships. We ended up going with the best option for the money (low budget here, along with some minor mechanical skills).

We're replacing the two front tires as a preventative measure, and rotating the old ones back onto the duals. We also got AAA for RVs - kind of expensive but may prove invaluable on the journey. We're leaving with a week or more to spare just in case. The water heater was a bit pricey at $300, but you can't put a price on a hot shower!

We're really looking forward to getting there, and to working at Fishing Bridge. Remote is okay with us! We're pretty quiet, and not much into partying. Our next purchases this week - kayaks and a bicycle!!!
Also - forgot to mention, I think you have to include the RV info on your application, or clear it through your hiring person since there are such a limited number of RV spaces available. Good luck!!!
Thanks again Mark and Shannon. I have a year to figure this out. I can stop and visit some of the employees at Yellowstone who have RV's over the summer. Enjoy the summer.

PS Shannon, you can put a price on a shower. It costs somewhere between $2.00 and $5.00 at the Fishing Bridge RV Park. And not only can you take a shower there, but you can put your clothes in the washers at their laundromat while you are taking the shower. Can life get any better than that?
Okay - so you can put a price on a shower ($9.00 at any TA, Pilot, Road Ranger, etc) but after three years of public showers, you can't put a price on a private shower ;) Good luck!
Hello everyone! We would like to live in a RV also while working. Does the age of the rv/trailer matter to most places? I've seen some campground host type jobs that require pictures of you and your rig. Is the same true for big resorts, ect? I have also seen it required that the rv be of a certain age, and be "hard sided". I would assume they mean pop up campers, but what do you think about hybrid travel trailers that are hard sided, but also have canvas sleeping areas that kind of pop out the ends. We hope to hit the road this fall, and are currently trying to find our new "home".
I think youll find that as long as the trailer /rv isnt a total junker that youll be ok. The half hard half soft sided hybrids I thought about but was told no. They are concerned about critters (bears) in most places that let you have an rv. I have a 18 ft 1968 trailer that I have done some work to since purchase that will be great for now. Actually i kinda like it a lot. eveything works and it now looks pretty nice. So for a grand and then and extra 200 I have a good unit for the time being. Looking to just rv it fulltime yearround and get a fourseason rig. Another DREAM but all in do time. Good luck you two. Hitting 49 here and extremely excited about life ahead.


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