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I'm an older guy (62) who has worked one year in Yellowstone. I've read that some jobs allow you to live in your RV. I don't know a lot about RV's. Can anyone recommend what kind of RV I might consider specifically for seasonal work in the national parks? My needs are modest and I would buy or rent a used RV if that is a reasonable thing to do.

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Thanks for the reply Mark. I'm glade to hear that the age of the rv doesn't really matter. We've found some nice trailers that have been fixed up, but are "older". I think we will go that route to save a little cash until we see how everything pans out. To tell you the truth, I'm very worried about bears also! I can't wait to head out either. It's torture waiting to shed ourselves of all this junk and hit the road. Happy trails!
I'd check into the rules wherever you decide to go. The Grand Canyon South Rim does not allow RV's over 15 years old. Ours was 14 when we worked there and the HR lady casually told us that we would have to get a newer one if we stayed into the next year. (We did our 3 month contract, got out of the canyon, and have no intention of going back.) To add insult to the "rule", the trailer next to ours in trailer village was ancient and looked like it hadn't even moved in well over 15 years, and trailer village is full of such examples. At the canyon the rules are largely dependent on who you know. All of the employee RV spaces where we have worked have been unique. Some are very nice and some are not. Some cost a lot more than others too, and some make you pay for utilities and some do not. Do your homework before deciding where to go, it can mean a quite a bit of money in or out of your pocket over the course of a full season. Anyway, we have been doing the RV thing in the parks for 2 years now and we have learned a lot from when we started. We love the seasonal life and being in the parks. We bought our RV on line, but we made sure we picked out one that was close enough that we could check it out in person before committing to buying it. Good luck with your adventure, wherever you decide to go!
Get one big enough to be comfortable but not so big it will not fit in the available spaces.


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