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From my blog post this morning... just a snippet.

What I found interesting about this site was much more than just its goal to help people find jobs in some of these awesome (another great word!) places - but its focus on the community of job seekers that have developed during the hunt. It's a special person that enjoys working in Yosemite during the winter... that wants to spend all summer digging ditches in Alaska... or that would kill to wait tables in a resort very few have heard of but that has a sunset most would die for. And they've seem to come together to share what's going on in their worlds at My CoolWorks. With message boards, amazing photo albums and even blogs made available to each member, My CoolWorks is a fantastic place to socialize with others that share your passion about working anywhere but an office.

Just wanted to share that from a Recruiter's perspective - this is a terrific site and community!


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I have just read your blog and am taking the liberty of adding my comments as well, as I will be heading into Yellowstone NP in the next few days for the season (my first by the way). I am from the Northern Virginia area, a former federal govt employee of 25 years plus a number of years retail/retail mgmt. Obviously I'm a babyboomer. I discovered Coolworks a few years ago, followed the postings, forums, etc. and spent a great deal of time communicating thru postings on the pros and cons of the lifestyle. With "retirement" on the horizon, I decided to go for it, leaving everything behind in Virginia for the opportunity to live in an amazingly beautiful region of our country, even for just a short time. When my co-workers and friends and even strangers found out what I was about to do, most reacted with envy, longing, comments such as "I wish I could do that" to "won't you miss all this?". Yes, for six months I will miss my native State of Virginia, my comfortable life back East and all the conveniences just minutes away. I will not miss the traffic, the hi-rise buildings, the 24-7 shopping, non-stop news about the economy, world events, etc. The risk I'm taking is that when my contract is up in October I will have nothing to return home to, since I will be unemployed. I will deal with that later. I am looking forward to five months of wondrous scenery, amazing sunsets and sunrises, and enjoying all this part of our West offers!
Stay in touch, BJ. I hope you'll blog about your time there as you enjoy the scenery and experience.

With great calculated risk often comes great reward.
I worked in Maryland nearby the last 7 months because I agreed to help family there. It is nothing compared to where you are going. I respectfully disagree with you sir... the only risk faced at the moment is regretting NOT LIVING and taking a small chance at something incredible and awsome to behold. A few months is nothing.... a lifetime question, "Should I have tried it?" is EVERYTHING. You gotta live!!! Please read my blog "a story for the new coolworkers and ask yourself if you want to be that fruit orchard lady... go for it.... and good luck :0) Ask me anything you want and I will do my best to lay to rest any doubts you have. Akscootr
I jumped from a corporate job four years ago into a seasonal job and yes, I did miss my family living in Texas for the first month, but then I made new friends, some who have kept in touch with me over the years and some I've run into again in other work places. Just remember that good friends are relatives that we choose for ourselves and are not born into the family. Ha!

I do not regret giving up my corporate life and going into a new life. It is a chance that I should have taken 30 years ago... oh what fun that would have been... Instead of working at only three national parks, I might have completed my bucket list and lived, worked and PLAYED in some of the prettiest places in the world. It will seem strange at first - but then the excitement kicks in and you will be out chasing whistlepigs, watching eagles soar - oh and don't forget the bears....all manner of wildlife will be there for you to watch and enjoy. It is said that once you visit a mountain top, the mountain sings your name and you will return no matter how many times you leave. I believe this. I hear Glacier singing my name all the time in the wind and someday I will return to work at another one of its great places. Right now, The Grand is right outside my door and is ever changing in the light and snow. I'm sure I'll want to return here sometimes in the future.

Whatever you do, enjoy your time. Forget the frustration of working in a city and enjoy nature. You will be glad that you took the chance to live in a national park!
The Grand.... I can hear it calling me. You are sooo right about mountains calling to you. I miss those mountains and I am still tempted to go there even as I am here to attend sailing school. I absolutely love the Lake Solitude hike...
We are at our fourth park in the 2 years we have been doing the seasonal thing. (2 winter seasons, 2 summer seasons; four different parks in four different states.) At every park there have been numerous times when tourists have asked us about how one goes about getting the jobs in the parks. After we explain we always get the comments of envy, and comments like "I'd love to be able to do that." My answer is always that they can if they want to, it's all up to them.


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