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What do seasonal workers do about health insurance? Do you skip it entirely or is there a reasonably priced insurance coverage out there somewhere. I can retire in a few months and really want to do seasonal work preferably at a national park, but I'm too young for medicare and to keep my current coverage it will cost me $800 a month. Any suggestions.

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You can find short term health insurance plans that cost considerably less than regular plans. is a good place to compare plans and sign up online. It isn't a bad deal if you are a seasonal worker. You wont get the most comprehensive coverage but it's better than nothing.

or you could leave the freaking U.S. and be much better off in that department
Thanks, I'll look into it.
Yep! ER might works, sometimes! haven't you watched Sicko? Help pass support the United States National Health Insurance Act or Tell Congress To Pass H.R. 676 Now
H. R. 676 text. you may find it here H. R. 676
I have recently started to look into health coverage since I will loose mine when I quit and head out to do seasonal work. The two most affordable i found that compares to what I have now at work are both through Humana and Anthem(blue cross blue sheild). At 48 I found that the coverage would cost me 210.00 a month. That being just about double what I pay now at work and the coverage is very comparable. At 800 sounds like you have killer insurance where you work to have to pay that much. Anyrate I hope this helps a bit.
It helps me out... thanks much.
Thanks, Mark. Maybe now I can actually plan to retire in Nov or Jan. I've been in the same business for 32 years and I'm really looking forward to escaping to the woods.
I just tried that link for ehealthinsurance and typed in fulltime college student even tho i am not and the quotes came back lowest $28/month highest $83/month and deductibles ranged from $1,000 to $5,000. I chose the 6 month option just to have agander at what might be out there. Didnt sign up or purchase any just had a look see
and co- pays ranged from 10% to 20%
Anyone interested in reading the MPL Employee Manual.. The health insurance topic is well described in here

MPL Employee Manual
i would like to see the MPL Employee Manual, but when i try to follow the link, it takes me somewhere else. Am I missing something?




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