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hi a newbie to the site,I'm wondering if anyone has some links to jobs for campground hosts? I have a motorhome. I'm in wisconsin but anywhere is fine. Thanks! :)

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My wife and myself are very interested in a campground host position beginning after the first of the year. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks, Bob and Sheila Luke has a lot of host jobs. so does but both sites you must pay a small fee to see what is open.
Hello Heidi: First of all, don't pay to "join" site that is going to give you info that you can access yourself. If you're interested in California, have a look at this site:

I had a paid position with them last summer but I met many camp hosts at various CA parks. They were having a great time. Check it out. Jim
Alot of camphost jobs are volunteer positions. I was a camphost on Lake Texoma (state park in TX.) in 2006- was great job! Volunteers were required to work 24 hours a week with free hook-ups. It's a great job and you have time to work a P/T job in town if you want/need. is where I found that job- hundreds listed on that website. Good Luck- Julie
I have Georgia on my mind. Any suggestions for camp host positions?

Spring Lake Nature Park in Streator, IL is looking for campground hosts. Two positions are open for someone over 21, with insurance, able to pass a background check, and having a hardtop camper and own camping equipment. A minimum stay of 30 days is requested although some stay all summer, from April 15 through November 1st. Camping is free in exchange for hosting.

If interested, send e-mail to

Seems discriminatory to require a "hard top camper" don't you think? Why not a "pop top" or even a tent?
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Hi, I am an area manager for a concessionier that runs campgrounds. Try American Land & Leisure, Recreation Resource Management, both pay you to work at campgrounds, and both have websites. Also try happyvagabonds or workers on wheels websites. Most all states have a volunteer program, that's how we got started, our first volunteer position was in Key Largo. Just check the state parks for whichever state you are interested in, most all have volunteer pages. You can also check volunteer jobs in state and national forests. Hope this helps.


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