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I am suppose to work at the GC south rim this fall, as a busboy in one of the restaurants. Is it busy then? Are the dorms really that bad? I am traveling a far distance--from New Jersey--I'm just looking to explore...

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yes every thing sucks at the south rim
Why can't everyone just stand next to the bed and stare down at someone all night to scare them off like normal people do?
ha ha ha ha
I'll pass on being a busser at a place where everything sucks.
why are they even open if people only working 3-4 days a week that would be an waste of my time and money
Wow, you guys are great. I want to spend a season at the Grand Canyon, but you are saying skip the South Rim? do the North Rim....? Are the women's dorms as bad as the mens? Any info is much appreciated.
I like that. "Hey, I see you got a pretty cool roommate there. I'll trade you...lemme see...ok, two cartons of smokes, four Maxims and a box of HO-HO's that my mom sent me for him. I'll also mend your sleeping bag and pick up two shifts for you if you throw in his leash and collar."

Thats hilarious, Jon! wonder if a person can take out an ad for room mates?

Wanted: room mate that doesn't have too much junk, no snoring, good sence of humor, knows when to shut the f up, neat and tidy, likes showers, can locate and turn off own alarm clock within seconds, and can get lost as needed. High tolerance for foolishness a plus. Contact: 555-5555
Im going to the south rim this summer has it got any better???
its fine here after a few weeks of adjusting and getting what you want from Xanterra
Marie at housing will tell you that you have no say so in where you live. When she plopped down my linens I really felt like I was in jail. (No I haven't been, but it's like I imagine it). Anyway, ignore her, as she is certainly going to ignore you...If you have a problem talk to Mike. He's in charge and he actually cares.

As far as the men's dorm, the worst is Victor's Hall. I found out the first day I was there, (in the canyon, not in that dorm), that it's called "Victim's Hall", and it's easy to guess why. It's loud, routy, and the fire & Security is called there a lot at nights. Roomies tend to get in fights there, and it's not because every one is so easy going.

There is a Victor's annex which is a newer smaller building behind Victor's, so don't freak out if you just hear the name. Maybe you got lucky! Also, remember that you can always request strongly that you be changed to another dorm.


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