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some friends of mine are going to work up at yellowstone this summer and are worried about a pre employment drug screening. does anyone know if Xanterra does mandatory drug testing once you get to yellowstone??? thanks??

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thanks jim, i told them not to worry about a lil grass. do you know for sure that they don't pre screen when you check in?
I will start at Mt. Rushmore come the 5th of June and I was told and read in their information packet that there is a drug test at Mt Rushmore. Whether this is true or not I personally do not know. But I will soon find out. It matters not to me one way or another, I have nothing to worry about.
I start Thursday at Mt. Rushmore and so far they have not mentioned a drug test. It would not bother me it they did. They have that right it's their dime. I have been pleased with the ones I have met that work for Xanterra here at Mt. Rushmore. Both management and seasonal workers. All could not be more helpful.
I had my first day with Xanterra here at Mt. Rushmore. Yes They drug tested everyone. So that puts to rest that question for me. But it didn't matter to me one way or the other. I don't use drugs.
Jim I am going to work at Xanterra South said they do drug screening/testing. Do they do hair test, urine or siliva??
I don't know the answer to your question but will tell you that hair testing is extremely expensive. I worked for the court system in child welfare for awhile the only time we did hair testing was if a failing parent contested the urine test. The judge would make the failing parent pay $300 towards the hair testing. So I doubt they will hair test???
I stand corrected, my mistake. I considered it as all Xanterra properties. The company Xanterra is for sell, te next company may not do so.
Does anyone know if Xanterra tests hair at the Grand Canyon instead of urine? I ask because I've lived around pot smokers for the last year and a half, but have not smoked myself. I fear that I will fail if they do a hair test.
John...did you ever find out if they do hair testing or urine testing at Xanterra south Rim grand canyon? I am very curious, would hate to get there and fail test do to living with college smokers. Their toll free number is 888-224-0330...
Consuming vast quantities of cranberry juice is not only nutritious and delicious, but it is a temporary liver cleanser. Very effective.

Stay in School, and Stay Off Drugs!
I've worked in the Grand canyoon for them, and that is owned by Xanterra and yes they do drug testing. I personally feel better knowing that there is a drug free work envirment I may be old fashioned but at least there are some old fashioned work etics that need to be adhered to. Thanks for listening to an old dude.
Having lived with a couple burnouts, I agree with you Larry, and am very much looking forward to getting out of this situation and into a more drug free environment. However, I fear that I will be held responsible for these burnouts' actions if Xanterra test my hair instead of my urine, as I've been around their pot smoke in one capacity or another a lot of the time and it's probably gotten into my hair. Is there any word on what type of test Xanterra gives? I don't mind peeing, although it will be a little strange if they bring someone in to watch me like they did in a factory job that I worked at before. I get stage fright!


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