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some friends of mine are going to work up at yellowstone this summer and are worried about a pre employment drug screening. does anyone know if Xanterra does mandatory drug testing once you get to yellowstone??? thanks??

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Hi Sean. I agree with some of your ideas. I am trying to find out if Xanterra Resorts on the south rim of the grand canyon does drug tests. Their website says yes>>>>>BUT DO THEY TEST HAIR, SALIVA OR URINE?
Did you get an answer to drug testing?? If yes, hair or urine?
Just a response on this. Yellowstone does not test but Grand Canyon does a urine test.
I worked at Yellowstone Park for two summers and they never drug tested, although they constantly threatened to. This is quite good because from my personal experience fifty percent of the employees were either drunk or stoned most of the time. Kind of like college except without the intelligence or discipline.
Having worked at Yellowstone Park for two seasons I witnesed first hand the effects of drugs and alcohol. A large pergentage of new employees are in their early twenties and are away from home for the first time, similiar to a college environment. There is alot of alcohol and drug abuse in addition to predatory behavior from more "experienced" employees. I've seen alot of people fired for drug and alcohol offenses not limited but including arrests by the Park Service. What these employees thought was going to be the experience of a lifetime often resulted in being fired and or arrested. In addition these employees have experienced predatory sexual behavior from people twice their age and some of a deviant nature. I would suggest parents of potential employees warn their children of the potential danger.
My husband and I worked Crater Lake last year and we never had or ever heard of anyone having have a drug test.Most of the staff there would not be there if that happend!!
As far as I know, Grand Canyon is the only one of the properties that does drug test but they do it before you even get all your paperwork done. It is done as soon as they have your paperwork done for your I-9.
I got my contract from xanterra yesterday for Yellowstone. It does say that they drug test?? So I would be expecting the possibility any for what type I would assume urine as I stated earlier hair testing is hundreds of dollars. The only salvia test I've ever been given was by my insurance company and it was for tobacco use??
As a former hotel manager who's had to deal with druggies and heavy drinkers, they should do more drug testing. You are subject to random testing which they have done. I don't care what people do as long as it doesn't effect me, but when I had to be called out several times in the middle of the night for parties etc. its pretty annoying. Let me do say that getting arrested on federal property is a lot different than your local county/city. They are serious! You won't just get a slap on the hand. I would hope most go for everything the park offers besides drugs/drink. To Alex - I'd do something else.
they dont test. now if you get hurt on the job they have the option to. they didnt me. I even had to have a minor surgery because of an on the job injury and they didnt test me....... take it from there. See ya there
I love this shit, everyone thats worried about this doesn't actually smoke they just hangout with people that smoke so much it would make them fail a drug test. If Xanterra does a pre-employment drug test I'm sure all you potheads can put the grass down for a hot minute (2 months) and clean your system out if you really want to work at a national park.

In spite of the established medical value of marijuana, doctors are presently permitted to prescribe cocaine and morphine - but not marijuana.

The Controlled Substances Act of 1970, 21 U.S.C. §§ 801 et seq.


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