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some friends of mine are going to work up at yellowstone this summer and are worried about a pre employment drug screening. does anyone know if Xanterra does mandatory drug testing once you get to yellowstone??? thanks??

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This seems like a rather irrelevant post, since I'd put money on the fact that 100 percent of the people who smoke that want to work at yellowstone use for recreational use and not some medical problem, unless its depression because they just failed a drug test and got fired.
I was walking thru the park one day.............. smoking a "j" on the way........ I took anther hit...this is some pretty good s#!+....... I was walking thru the park one day...............
I would suggest getting a Whizzinator just in case you get tested. My brother used to go to GNC and would buy some kind of liquid that would flush his system out whenever he got drug tested for a new job.
I always think about whether or not my employer reads these posts, don't you? Seems like it could come off a little suspicious.
You should always assume anything you put out on the internet including private email can be read by anyone cause you never know whos gonna intercept your messages. Many employers do look you up on myspace and such to get dirt on you. I have no secrets to hide if I got in trouble at work for something personal I posted on a message board I wouldnt want to work for that person anyways, if they dont trust there employees so much as to pretend to be someone else to get dirt on them.
I completely agree Dominic... If they are gonna stoop that low then they arent good employers anyway.
You know what Ken - I doubt if those no good employers would miss you either...enough talk about your "usin" - thats not what this site is for. Go find another one site fitted to your habit.
toooo funny, it's not even worth saying......
what an attitude, lighten up. I didn't say a word about my using anything. A bit of kidding around and having some fun.... get over yourself, this is my site too. I do believe that an employer shouldn't make judgements from what is said on here. Just like you just did. I kid around a bit and all of a sudden I'm a doper.
I dunno about the actual drug testing but I do know some guys who got fired (and put into the park jail) because NPS found pot in their room. If you're caught with that on federal lands the results are much more serious than if you're caught with that elsewhere. Just a warning. (Is getting high really worth it? Doesn't seem like it to me.)

Also I just skimmed the messages and I have to say that I agree that posting about this sort of thing is not really a good idea. Employers do read these boards. (The other day I went to a seminar about breaking into a certain work field and a guy from Apple Computers gave a speech. He said that about 70 to 75% of employers will now google a potential candidate to see what comes up on that candidates Social Networks. Just something to keep in mind.)
You have got to be kidding me, none of the regular workers on here are "druggies" We are competent functioning professional seasonal workers who do there jobs well. Once in a while some crack head will slip thru and end up working in a park but they are not gonna last long if they have a serious drug problem. I completely agree to drug testing for certain jobs. Your fear is clearly fueled by your ignorance of drugs. I have worked as a youth drug counselor and have studied the affects of drugs and process of addiction. I a drug test is likely not even gonna catch your crack head, meth addict or cocaine feign unless they used in the last 24-48 hours. But it will deny someone who has even been at a party with alot of weed smoke. And yes from my experience I dont think weed is the biggest problem in the world. Accidents are not caused by someone smoking a joint, weed does not impair you or alter your mind like Alcohol and methamphetamines. Does that mean loser stoners that have no ambition should be hired, no , if they cant function in the real world there not gonna make it anyways. I just dont believe drug testing for all staff is necessary in some of these jobs. When an employer is making me pee in a cup every few weeks and searching my room for whatever that just makes me think that the employer thinks we are all scum and has no trust of its employees. If someones drug use is interfering with there work performance they will easily be fired for not functioning on the job. I dont use drugs and hardly drink, and im not a hypocrite who enjoys a bottle of wine gets all buzzed and thinks thats any different then getting high. If you know someone with a drug problem dont look down your nose at them. There are likely dealing with some more serious issues and using drugs to self medicate. Shunning someone for there drug use rather then helping them with there real problems is only gonna make the situation worse. Unless you have battled with drugs yourself or lived with family and friends fighting addiction dont be so judgmental. Get off your high horse thinking your are better then someone with drug issues everybody has there problems and vices, you might use food or shopping as your escape. I have known some of the most amazing successful people that have battled with a drug problem and went on to live a healthy life. I dont think we should take drug use to lightly, but im not gonna get my pantys in a bunch cause somebody said they smoked a j waling thru the park.
Thanks Dominic, you put it better than I could've.


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