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some friends of mine are going to work up at yellowstone this summer and are worried about a pre employment drug screening. does anyone know if Xanterra does mandatory drug testing once you get to yellowstone??? thanks??

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This is my first season.. but the packet does state that employees will be drug tested?? This has become a pretty heated discussion. Unfortunately, the arguements for and against marjuania have been going on since the dawn of government legislation concern its use. Nothing is going to be said here that hasn't already been said before.. myself I am not a drug user BUT I do have a live and let live attitude. If it isn't harming any innocent people I don't consider it my business. As for employers reading this site.. it makes perfect sense that they might. I doubt however that they have the free time for it at this busy time in their season??
I hope my employer sees my attitude on drugs and we can have an educated discussion on drug use and drug testing in the work place. Drugs are much more widespread then you may think I know people that I grew up with that are teachers, cops and doctors that use drugs on a regular basis. I guarantee you have friends and family members who see as perfectly normal people but secretly are regular drug users. I wouldn't doubt that if weekly drug tests were done at every business 30-40% of people would be out of a job.
I said you judgment on people in general makes me sick nothing to do with drugs. I am only a man who am I to judge another man. No other human on this earth is a better or lesser person then myself, God created us all equal.
wow when someone makes a judgement on you look how defense you get, if your so strongly against being judged and people sharing there opinions of others stop doing it yourself. I think I already said what I need to. I am know better then you, stop putting other people down.
whew! I think we all need to step back, chill. I guess I'm not the only one with too much time on their hands right now.(I'll be glad to be back at work in two weeks) ..... have a great life.... I do..
i agree i wouldnt want to work with someone thats under the influnce of drugs and Alcohol i'm going to be if i catch your ass i wouldnt think twice about turning u in it will effect me and others with your work performance and put u in an stutation that u couldnt get out off


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