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I am headed out go GC south rim mid August. I don't see many posts about GC--is anyone else going? Not quite sure what to bring w/me. I am working as a busboy.

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I worked at GCSR a couple of years ago stayed in the Rv park, I am waiting to see when I will be going back this year . I will say a good warm jacket it snows at the oddest times and warm clothes and good walking shoes even downhill is uphill lol. I will take with me a small refrigerator a microwave and a coffeepot also. I really enjoyed working there hope to see you around Oct
I'm already here. It's okay. Are you going to be seasonal? I heard that the winters here are extreme so bring plenty of warm clothing. As Donna stated, it does snow at the oddest times. Last time it snowed here was mid-May. Will you be traveling by plane/bus/train, if so then you really can't bring a fridge or microwave w/you. If you're traveling by car then its cool. Alot of people sell those items all the time here. Any other ?s
I will be flying in from NJ and my dad wants to come help me get set up (buy stuff, etc.) How about having tv's, lap tops in room--safe? Also, do I need to bring my owns sheets, blankets. Do many people here take side trips to outside cities (Flagstaff, Vegas?(pretty far) This is my first try at seasonal work-
People also sell TVs. I'm coming live from my laptop. There is Wi-Fi in all the dorms and the speed is good. They give you sheets when you get here but you can always use your own. People always take side trips. I took one almost a month ago. I went to vegas w/the job last week for 2nights/3days. Anything else you want to know im the go-to guy :)
I am wondering what dorm to live in. Any suggestions. I would like to bring my bike with me too
I would recommend Rouzer Hall. Even though it's not in the main area, it's very laid back. When you're in the Housing Office, let them know where you want to stay. They should be able to accommodate you.
thanks for the info! I've heard Victor Hall can get a little crazy...Do you think I will be working 40 hour week?
is it easy to get on i want to start in april of 09
During the summer you will be working 40.
I've heard that the winters are dead. Mainly American workers are there and normally they get 2nd jobs and it's much easier to do so w/the international workers gone.
It's easy to get on, especially if you have years of experience in the position you're applying for.
Do they go outside of the GC to get their 2nd job? Also--what about phone service. I have Att/Cingular here, what works out there? Also, are there any large stores to shop in Flagstaff, like Walmart, or any wholesale clubs? Your info has been a big help.
You can get a 2nd job here at the park if you want or you can work in Tusayan which is a 10min (free) shuttle bus ride. I have AT&T as well and there's absolutely no signal at all and was disappointed when I found that out after arriving here (and they say they have "More Bars In More Places...right). Sprint and Verizon work here.
There are large stores in Flagstaff such as wal-mart,mall,and a costco.
No prob bro, I wish someone gave me insight of how the park was before I got here. I found out ALL this info myself.
well i guess i better not come here for the summer i have att as well i think i better off at north rim


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