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Got a daydream to work as a seasonal housekeeper in resort/national parks. I'm currently putting together lots of facts & figures to make the daydream a reality. I'd like to ask for input from the housekeepers out there as to what I might expect working this type of job. Such as: What are the hours, pay, room & board situations? How strenous are the tasks associated w/ housekeeping? Is there a lot of pressure & stress? What's the gross-out factor? Is guest contact minimal - just a nod & a courteous smile now & then or is more expected? I just want to start gathering as much information as I can about this new life form beginning to grow in my brain . . . Any comments or info would be appreciated.

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its depends on where u go to work u will run into people that want to play around and dosent want to work u might have to do between 16-20 rooms an day depends on the size of the hotel u will run into alot of guest its all depends on how u take it i wouldnt want to do it again since i;ve done housekeeping for long time and u will see things u dont want to see that it down right nasty
Personally I would go to the Front Desk, Lisa. As it offers better pay and a more professional enviroment in includes a list of skills that are valuable in multiple enviroments that can pay well.

Ronnie d
I think you are making some pretty general statements here concerning housekeeping and a front desk comparison. For example, Princess properties pay their housekeepers the same as their front desk agents, which is also the same as bell staff or gift shop clerks. And I believe that housekeeping can give you plenty of skills to use in your future. What employer doesn't want someone who works hard, is detailed oriented, can work with a deadline, can work independently, and has customer service skills? A guest may spend 10 minutes at the front desk, but they spend 10 hours in their room, so a room attendant has a huge impact on a guest's overall stay and impression of a property, I believe more so than a front desk agent.

It is true that the jobs are very different. Housekeeping is hands on, physical, and demanding. It also doesn't always come with the respect it deserves. But you also usually get consistent day time hours, plenty of overtime if you want it, and you don't get screamed at by every crazy guest. And while every room attendant has their horror stories, most of the time rooms are just fine when you go in them. And if you are a good room attendant you get some tips as well.
Howdy everybody and thanks so much for adding to this discussion. Firstly Brenda, unfortunately you didn't meet me at the North Rim last year as I have not yet started my adventure in seasonal work yet - I WISH!!!! you saw me last year!! LOL I've still got about 3 years before my last chick leaves the nest. But I really appreciate all of your comments on the pros and cons of front desk and housekeeping. With my current job, I do possess the skills probably needed for a Front Desk position, but I really crave to be in a more behind the scenes type of job such as housekeeping. And after sitting for so many years in a windowless cubicle, the physicality of housekeeping also appeals to me.

Also, the satisfication of giving people that "AAAhhhh" moment when they first open the door of their hotel room, seeing that it is clean and welcoming - that's something that I think I would really enjoy providing to others. And from what I gather, housekeeping can be fastpaced and a little stressful, but I'm thinking it would be less stressful than dealing face-to-face, one on one with people all day at the front desk. Maybe I'm wrong there, but I can't wait to find out one day soon!! Over time, I'll probably work both positions as the opportunities arise. So if the Lord is willing, I will get to find out that answer and have a ball doing so!! Thanks again for all of ya'll's input - it is invaluable information!!


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