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has anyone worked in vail? lived in employee housing ? or can offer a first time seasonal worker to vail, any advice. coming from ohio..housing iin river run apartment close to vail.


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i worked two seasons in vail at the sonnenalp. they have employee housing right accross the street from the village and it's fairly affordable. they take rent right out of your check and you need nothing up front to move in. i think river run is in avon but i'm not sure. that's about 10 min. from vail.
Josh, the old Bully Ranch MGR? If so, what are you up to this Winter?
just wondering if worth coming from ohio for

I also worked and lived in Vail for a season at the Sonnenalp. I don't know who you'll be working for and what you'll be doing, but this should definitely factor in your decision. Honestly, I went there to advance my career, have fun, and make money. I did all of these and left Vail for a management position in Aspen after 4 months. So, for me it was worth it. Advice...dining out, even going out to the bars, is expensive, and the exhuberent amount of money you first see might shock you. There are A LOT of Internationals, mostly South Americans, some Aussies, some Europeans (Germans, Brits). They are here, (for the most part) to ski and party and then make money, unlike in the National Parks where they are there to soley make cash. Of course, there's always exceptions. And it's a fun town. What blew me away was how friendly everyone was, workers and the locals. I'd go for it! I may be heading back myself.
thanks so much for advice i just was wondering if it was worth it I am suppose to work at two elk resturant in vail at top of mountain. I wanted to live in river run because the hiring people told me that timberidge was party place and I had read about mold problems..i'm 30 not a big partier and want to make money meet new people and advance.. thinking about spring summer seasonal as well any suggestions? As you guessed I am a cook
Timberidge IS party central for Internationals, younger kids taking a break from life/just graduated. It's off of I-70 and looks like the "Vail ghetto." (LOL). Anyway, I'm not sure what type of cook you are, what certifications or expereince your have, but the only other ski resort with more fine dining options is Aspen. I'm not in F&B, but if you're a good, even decent cook, with experience you'll have no problem finding a job, at least in season. The problem usually is finding affordable housing, but you seem to have this taken care of. G'luck!


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