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I'm about to start my first "seasonal" job in Glacier NP, and I'm so ready for it. One thing I'm concerned with is the ability to look for the next gig.
Any advice on this topic would be a great help. I want to stay on top of things and search while I'm at Glacier, not wait until October. I'll have very little internet access, but maybe on an occasional day off I'll head to Columbia Falls or Kalispell for service. I was even thinking of bringing a laptop for use in these towns, but I've heard this is not always a good idea, given I'll be in employee housing. I was also considering getting a different phone as well. (blackjack/blackberry) to surf web, update & send resumes as needed. Does anyone use their phone in this matter? If so, which phone do you use?

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Coolworks is the best source of information. If you don't have access to the internet, I recommend reading this book.


this book is the bible of seasonal work.
here is the link
THanks for the advice! I picked up Landes' book last week & got a new phone & switched service from Cingular to Verizon. Verizon seems to have better service away from bigger cities.
Anyone find this true?
First--I was thinking about staying where I'm at for the winter...but the wanderlust is creeping in fast...along with a couple of other things and will probably head out this fall. So, yeah, I'm a bit concerned with looking. Winter seems a little more difficult as I don't want to go anywhere where I'd have the hassle of finding my own housing for the approx. 6 months. Right now I'm leaning to escape winter for a year, or at least less severe winter...Big Bend, Grand Canyon, maybe one of the places in Florida. In the summer there seems to be enough places I could go somewhere new every year, so I'm less concerned about that season...

Second--You're probably right on the Verizon thing, but... Last summer I was in the Tetons, and some places ANY phone service sucked. I decided to just pick up a cheap Tracfone and it worked just as well in the places that phones worked. It didn't have any of the extras, if you're looking for anything other than talking on the phone and voicemail. But when it didn't work, I didn't get as pissed off. Um...if you're out there hiking...put it on silent...if I'm out "escaping" you'll need to use your bear spray on me if your phone ringtone annoys me.
Keep an eye on coolworks occasionally most of the good jobs will be posted in advance, also the first of Oct is not a bad time to start looking because most of the winter jobs start in the begining of Dec. Here are some other website to look into

Also look into snowmobile resort a lot of sleding going on in the winter. If your not into the snow look into for ranch jobs down south.

As far as using a blackberry some of the other emplyees use them through wireless connection for the internet but most of the jobsites are so remote there is no cell service so you can not call anyone.

Hope this is helpfull, and good luck on next winters job. Don't give up hope seasonal work is a great way to make new friends, see the Country, have time off between seasons to do what you want to do.

When I last worked in Glacier, we let people into the accounting offices during certain hours to check e-mail.
I would ask GPI Human Resources as I was disappointed to find that my cell phone had no service in the Park. As much as I liked Glacier, it might not be such a good idea to bring anything really valuable into the dorms.
They have a recruiting day or two at the end of the season. Last time I was there, some dozen or so resorts set up tables to recruit opposite season staff. There was the Ocean Reef Club, very pricey in the Keys. Also,
Mammoth Mountain which has some good scuttlebutt.
Personally, my favorite policy is try to have something lined up - usually but not always through coolworks - by midsummer or a month from contract end at the latest. Kalispel has a State Job Service office where you have access to free long distance, fax and e-mail, copying and resume writing all so long as it is job related.
After hours they have free internet access - more limited time - in the library a block or two away.
Ask around Glacier and get scuttlebutt about where is cool to work. Then if coolworks doesn't have something in that area, you can always google up the local paper's classifieds and see if you can find something late season on Cape Cod or shoulder season in the Keys. Nantucket, the Florida Keys, Jackson, Vail, Aspen - all have year around openings despite having higher and lower demand at times.
Leaf-peeping season is just getting started when most people get out of Glacier. If you mind what is going on there, you can often extend your contract as they will put up a flier - "Needed someone to work until October 1 in Mainenance at East Glacier" or some such. Conversely, if you hear from someone in Stowe
who needs you right away - and you're nice - they have often shortened a contract a week or two so a
connction can be made.
Glacier is excellent about giving references and rehiring former employees so if you envision working in resorts a bit, it is worth your while to keep your peace with HR there. Hot places to work?
Valdoro Lodge in Breckenridge CO
Pahaska Teepee Resort at the East Entrance to Yellowstone Park WY
Signal Mountain Lodge in Grand Teton National Park WY
Snake River Lodge in Teton Village WY
Top Notch Resort VT
I've gotten so many jobs just walking into a park and saying when can I start. Well... at least 5. I just pick a place a month or so ahead of time, send a resume and see what happens. Have a couple alternates... I wouldn't worry about it. I'm constantly astounded how easy it is.
thanks for the plentiful advice. Things are going well. FYI East Glacier has phone reception for Verizon & some reception at Lake Mac....but it picks up again in West Glacier.

posting some pics from the park soon!


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