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Need some advice from all you chefs out there.  What makes a good job ad for your position? What information is important to know so you can decide whether or not to apply?

Do you want a bullet list of job duties and qualifications? Location? Room & Board info? Company culture? What else?

Any and all advice welcome and appreciated.



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I started working restaurants while I was attending university; back in 1987.  Since then, I have worked in many different kitchens cooking a variety of cuisines.  I've worked every position BOH, therefore, when I am in the process of looking for a new restaurant gig, I already have in mind what kind of place I would prefer to work.  The info that a potential employer lists, job duties, qualifications....etc. is pretty standard. What I mean is, that every BOH position, line cook, pantry, prep, dish,...the duties are basically all the same.   Just like every restaurant is basically the same, except for the menu, recipes, the way Exec Chef and management want things done.  Look at any employee handbook and it's like watching a movie that you've seen before, but with different actors.  

These days, location, Company culture, the past behavior of management, and the size of the restaurant matter most to me.  I've worked the big places where you have 15 cooks just on the line and 35 to 40 tickets pending at any give moment, but I discovered that the food quality suffers greatly.  I prefer smaller places because it's easier to ensure that every plate that goes out is of the highest quality.  That reflects greatly upon the restaurant, upon me, and my paycheck.  Okay, enough blah, blah, blah.  


Well said... I seek those same qualities. We end up learning what works for ourselves.

Perks, like own room, days off, salary. Also, size of operation, and any unusual expectations. Some places ask for 6 days, split shifts. So, if you're going there for the money, or to enjoy the location, this would be an important consideration.

The ambience, rustic, fine dining, causual, banquet would be helpful in visualizing the work day.

Thanks for asking.



I tend to look for all the basics IE Qualifications, Requirements, etc. Then I look towards pay and housing offered as well as location. Though when I look I like to look near where I want to be anyway.
pay and housing are important, but I'd like to have an idea of the menu. Am I allowed to be creative? Is it all production cooking?  Too simple, as well as production cooking gets very boring.

-Menu Sample

-Food Purveyors

-Expected customer count

-Average seating (lows to highs)

-Predicted sales

-Food Cost (It's always nice to see and know success)

-Possible improvements/yearly goals

-Head Chef's qualifications

-Equipment list (walking into a "kitchen" vs a kitchen)

-Storage facilities (Is it a satellite cooler or is everything located together?)

-Is the staff qualified or can one expect to be doing a lot of coworker on-the-job training?

-Are there recipe books available?

-Specialty ingredients available?

-Does the restaurant make its own stocks?

-Uniforms provided?

-Is there a sharpening service or a wet stone?

-Are there any major problems with wildlife or forest fires effecting the service?

Well put, this everything I want to know before I walk into a kitchen.
Thought about this for awhile. I guess just the basic time or style...breakfast, fine dining, banquet, sports pub, family, etc. Maybe whether you only seek culinary degrees or what level of experience. Then whatever you would place for other jobs at the place. Dates and place would be nice. Housing availability.
There have been some written with a bit of creativity. And I guess "blah, blah, blah" works...I clicked on it to take a closer look;)


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