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Hey everyone!

I am new to this site and also am on  I recently went to Mackinac Island in Michigan and highly recommend anyone to visit.  As of now I do not think the chat room is very active and maybe it will be later.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone uses other sites besides It looks like it is active with updates however, I am looking to see if there are other options. Options for jobs traveling abroad and islands within the U.S. as well as other countries.

Have any of you worked in Virgin Islands?  Does ever post jobs elsewhere besides the states?  What are some trusting sties?  Please tell me your experiences! I am looking for Virgin Islands and am having a hard time finding anything plus I would to know what sites I can trust.

Any advice would be awesome! I am looking for my first Summer Job in the states.  Again I would love to hear your experiences and tell me when the best time to apply for Summer Jobs (not this year, but next year!).

I am actively looking on for state jobs.


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It's not easy to obtain work visas to work in other countries.  There are a few ways.  There are age and other limitations for an Australian or New Zealand year long visa.  I'm older than the program allows so I didn't look at the other requirements, but I've known a couple of people that have done that route.

If you have a college degree, you can pick up a TESOL certificate and teach English abroad.  I know someone who has been in China for at least the last year doing this.

There's working for a civilian contractor on a military base.  I' have known a couple of people that have done this.  I think they were both veterans and I think there is a preference for veterans.

I know several people that have worked on Antarctica.  The jobs require a battery of tests.  I wouldn't be able to get medical clearance, I Have high blood pressure,  I didn't really look into the details.

There are workaway hosts.  This is more of a volunteer program.  You agree to work and the place usually gives you a place to stay.  Sometimes food is given too.  But no money changes hands.  I'm not sure, but I'm guessing most of these are between a week and a month.  I did one on St John in the Virgin Islands.  The place was completely destroyed by the hurricanes last hurricane season.

Many years ago there was a business on USVI that listed opportunities.  But that place closed and turned into a private property a few years ago.  Most of the islands are still having a difficult time recovering.  Most didn't have power for 6 months.  It might be very difficult to obtain employment for awhile.

Several years ago there was a listing for a couple of slots on Palmyra, an atoll in the Pacific.  I backed out during the interview process.  They were looking for someone that would be available to be able to drop whatever they were doing to work taking care of scientists for however long the grants they obtain would allow them.  I know I saw another listing a couple of years ago, but it's not a regular listing.

There are many jobs listed for within the US.  Most summer jobs place there listings at the beginning of the year.  Some earlier, some later...but December to February the most.

Good luck

I worked down there (st john) for a years or so. There;s a lot of jobs, depending on the type of work you do. rent is very high. I lived in a shack on the side of a mountain, it was 400 a month. that was the cheapest place available. most people on st john are in cruz bay. that's where most hotels, etc. are. seasonal people usualy roommate with a group of people to make ends meet. 

there was a place called maho bay camps. they had housing but moved to the other side of the island. It's called Concordia camp. I don't know what kind of employee program they have now. 

st Croix has opened up some in the last few years. the cocaine traffic reduced so more tourist are coming back. there's always jobs on st Thomas. all of it on all the islands is wrapped around the tourist industry. Google what you might be interested in, ya might get lucky

Ken - I was at Concordia for a workaway and then almost worked a season.  It was destroyed by the hurricanes that went through.  I kept in contact with a couple of people in Coral Bay and they didn't have power for six months.  I'm not sure if the main road across the island has been repaired yet either.  I know it was wiped out in three places.  I think Cinnamon is back and most of Cruz Bay but the rest of the island is still hurting

Hi Keith, I saw that skinny legs isnt' open yet. I worked there for a while. what a blast. It's a shame that Coral Bay got hurt so bad. Landslides are rough on the road. I know that. There was a big tropical storm while I was there. it took a couple of days to clear the road then. can't imagine what's there now

I just looked. skinny legs did reopen but is closed now for the season break


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