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Advice for dealing with the politic being played at National Parks?

I was wondering if anyone had any advice about dealing with the political nonsense that seems to be a usual thing at National Parks and what you do to keep it from driving you crazy? I am sure there are other people who would like to read this advice too. Thanks!!!

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What do the politics have to do with? Money, authority, privileges,seniority,rules?
If you put three people (or maybe even two!) together, you're gonna have politics being played. Its just human nature. As I've got older, I've learned to walk my own line, not stick my nose into others' business, and not get too emotional about a lot of petty stuff. Its an ongoing issue, though....I don't guess it ever ends.
when you have a private company trying to run a business and a departmant of the govt (park service) getting in the way..........
that's a bad combination.

all you can do is try to ignore it
Sometimes the politics gets to me, too, Leo, and I have to remind myself that I am in this beautiful place for a short period of time to save what money I can and have what experiences I can. Politics and me don't mix well anyhow and I have no desire to play them and I am glad that this is something that I know about myself. My life path seems to be steering me towards self employment anyhow, so hopefully this is something I can just look the other way on.....Rob
Hey Dale, when The Park Service contracts with a private business and allows it to operate in a National Park, you can bet your tail that they will intervene. It would be absolutely silly if they did not.

You also may appreciate that the Park Service funding is a political football. Thus, they can be given missions for which they have no available personnel, equipment, or funds.

Wake up and smell the buffalo chips!
Hi Cashea. Where would Yellowstone be if it were not for the unrecognized dedication of rangers such as yourself? If you run into Dale, give him a good whacking, tie him to a tree and read "The Big Burn" aloud to him.


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