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Hello helpful co-members,
I'm a college student looking for a good summer job. I live in Texas but I'd like to get out of the state for the summer. If anyone has any advice or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated

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any place you would really like to see? what interest do you have? i myself like backpacking, mt climbing, and kayaking so that played a big roll in where i have chosen to work.
I really like both Colorado and California, I'm open to going other places if people have any special suggestions. I'm really flexible as to what job I do but I would prefer not to sit behind a desk all day.
Hey Ashton - If you're interested in a conservation corps where you're working in the mountains and doing all sorts of conservation work in and around montana, you should contact the Montana Conservation Corps. You can find it under "Conservation Corps" on the main coolworks page, . Their season in 2010 will start in late May, and you might be able to apply for a half season crew member position, which would end sometime in August. We had a few of those last summer.
It's already getting to be too late to submit apps to some of the bigger employers, so I would cook up a resume as soon as possible, then start applying to any and every place you think looks interesting. In general, the smaller the employer, the less formalized the process, so if you want to get hired on "subjective" criteria (based on, for instance, the personal impression you make, rather than "hard" job experience), then a smaller employer is the way to go. The decision to hire you will be made by someone close to management--possibly even the owner himself--so you can also feel more secure about the mutual commitment. Working for a big company where you are just another work unit who was hired by a Fourth Assistant Assistant Junior Grade HR Clerk seems to me to be the sort of thing that we all are trying to get away from. But that's just me. And as you'll read in responses to some of my other posts, I'm an idiot. And negative. And crazy. And my mother dresses me funny. And, nyahh.

Good luck in your search; there are plenty of great tools here on this site. I also suggest you check out all, the gummint is the single largest National Park employer.
kevin your wrong on this this when they start hiring most of start after the holidays
I second that this is prime time.
yeah i applied with grand teton (vail resorts) yesterday and heard back from them today
??? I said that very thing---"it's already getting to be too late to submit apps to some of the larger employers". That didn't mean they won't accept applications, only that many of them have been accepting applications AND MAKING JOB OFFERS for a couple of weeks now. Many posters on these boards have reported as such.

Note what I said. "Getting to be" too late. Not "too late". I was trying to stress the urgency of getting an app in as soon as possible. You know as well as I do that if you wait any longer to apply to companies like DNC, Xanterra, it may be too late to get the position you want, simply because they've already filled it.
its never to late


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