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I know its pretty early but wanted to start finding people that are heading up to Alaska. I would like to split gas and ride with someone. I might bring my truck if I find someone that wants to ride with me. I would be leaving from Milwaukee WI, possibly going up thru twin cities, Bozeman, and Seattle.

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When are you heading that way? Are you looking to take your time or jetting right up there and last but not least. Where are you working!?!
Hey Kevin,
Dont know when I will be going yet, most likely earlier then later. Dont have a job locked down for sure yet but I sure something will come thru. I have applied at coldfoot , Denali, Kenai, all over I guess. But I would be cool with getting to Alaska early and going anywhere before my job started. I would like to take it slow going up and see some of canada but either way works. Where do you live???
Awesome, I worked at Coldfoot, it was my first seasonal gig. and I may be working up toward denali this year. I live in St Cloud MN just a few mile down the road from the twin cities. I wouldl ove to take my time getting up there my g/f will be coming but she needs to graduate first so i was planning on getting up there before she does.
Hello, D
I am heading to Fairbanks early also...I am leaving Vail, Co on March 30...heading thru Great Falls, Mt...I drove it this past year ...not bad...worst part of hwy was from Whitehorse to Tok...I would like to carivan...fuel stops and help are far and few me...409-651-9408 if you are interested in hooking up at the boarder...Susan
When do you plan on leaving on your trip???
I will be leaving Great Falls on March 31....
Wow you are leaving early, dont most jobs start in May
Yes, but I have to be there by April 8 and Lord only knows what the road will be like....I am driving for Grayline and the training will take awhile...and I want to live in my truck when I am not driving, so it has to go with me....Susan
How long to you plan on taking to make the trip up there???
I have to be in Fairbanks by April it will be a fast trip depending on weather conditions...the weather is pretty unforgiving..and hopeful most of the animals will still be bedded down...but the road is rough in places...there is a hot springs 2 1/2 hr east of Watson Lake..but other than that....flat wild country...until you are almost in the US again....and lots of snow the landscape will be pretty blick......
Does anyone know if we need passports to cross Canada now a days????
I am due in Denali May 8 but would like to spend a week or two with my daughter in Anchorage before heading to park. Will probably drive roommate to Bozeman end of April and am looking for a ride from there around that time. My old car will be lucky to make it to Montana.


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