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What's more worth you're money? $250 for a one way plane ticket to Alaska, or $250 in gas to say you've driven the AlCan!?!?

After spending last summer in Alaska at a lodge 20 miles from anything, and having hitchhiked over 700 hundred miles (which includes over 600 solo hitchhiking miles) I've decided that I want to drive this year! Don't get me wrong, it was a blast and I recommend it to anyone, but driving the AlCan is on my "to do list" and no time like now is the best time to check it off!

I'll be leaving CA/NV area (Tahoe/Reno) around the first week or so in May, and will be driving up there as fast as possible to get to the lodge for another fun filled season. Looking for someone to split gas with.

If you're interested, I will be driving back sometime late August/Early September and taking my time then to explore the AlCan.

Looking for male or female, can meet up with you along the way as far north as Washington. I'm fairly laid back, easy to get along with, and love music, fresh air, and the open road. You should be similar, and not mind camping out or staying at a hostel instead of staying in hotel rooms. Gas will be expensive enough, and I would rather not waste money on a room every night.

Let me know if you're interested!

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Where in Alaska are you going? I did that trip about 5 years ago and it was one of the greatest I have ever experienced. I am due at Denali May 9. Do we need passports to go through Canada now?
Sue, you looks familar... Were you serving at Chalet Cafe in 2001?
Hi Sue,

You don't need a passport to get into Canada yet, but the law will change on June 1. It really is the easiest document to carry. It's more important for returning from Canada vs. going in.

More information about the changes can be found here on the Tips and Tales Blog.

Hi, I'm living in Tahoe, and I'll be working in Wrangell - S. Elias Park from May 15. (I also have to attend TAM card class in Anchorage on May 14)
My original plan is riding a ferry... but I'm curious about when are you leaving?
Hey Nicholle are you going back to Summit Lake this summer? I am still in Anchorage, you should get a hold of me when you get back up here.
Hey Nicholle -- I'll be seeing you at Summit Lake this summer (right?). Marty just offered me a bartending job. Maybe I'll actually get out climbing, last year was just so crazy...
Hi there...

I just drove to Washington from Reno and took the Ferry to Skagway. Where are you going to be working? Are ther any positions open?

Hey, Nicholle. I'm living in Reno right now and I'm interested in helping you out with gas. You can email me at if you still have room.



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