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I am from Florida, heading towards Yellowstone. I worked there one summer before and spent the first 2 weeks sick with altitude sickness. Is there any way to avoid this? Anything I can do to prepare my body for a sudden dramatic change in altitude. Someone told me to take low dose asprin so I've been doing that. Any advice? Tips? Thank you!!

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The folk remedy for altitude sickness in Ecuador , Peru and Bolivia is a tea made from the coca plant.. cocaine tea that'll make ya feel better....................Just kidding. There's a medicine you can get from your doctor that is supposed to help. Google it..
If you're in good shape, or can start increasing your lung capacity before heading out, that will help. Doing a stair stepper, or flights of stairs, so that your heart rate increases, will help.

Stay out of the Tetons, until you're aclimated. Don't do anything strenuous when you first arrive, give your body a chance to adjust. I've been up to Mt. Whitney, and only after I passed 12,000 feet did I feel nauseous. You'll probably be just fine.

Staying well hydrated is important. Amazingly, a postitive attitude helped me a lot in coping with the thinner air.
Keep yourself hydrated plenty of liquids water, sports drinks or fruit juices but especially water. They will tell you that when you get up there but if you dried out on the road trip up there. You'll be giving your body a triple whamy dehydration, dry mountain air, and an elevation change.
Lots of water and rest. : )
thank you guys!!! i'm gonna definetly try to stay hydrated and im in good shape so hopefully my lungs will do a good job!! c ya soon...... :-)
Oh, OK that makes sense I will stop today. Thanks!!
I got altitude sickness a few years ago when I visited the tetons. I was told then to drink lots of water. I hope that doesn't happen to me again I had about as much energy as a snail for several days. I need to start walking and getting in shape as Carol suggested. My desk job has made me lazy!!
thats exactly how i was.. i was totally exhausted from nothing - i could wake up and still be tired - after a few days i was fine though so that was good but im just trying to avoid the fatigue this time around
the only time I've ever had altitiude sickness was after i jumped outta that plane and was waiting for the parachute to open.... my stomach was in my throat, I couldnt catch my breath, hands were shaking, ears were ringing , thought i was gonna pee...... Pop, wow,, cool, beautiful..........................................then all was as good as it gets.......................
i went sky diving one time too - did it tantum or whatever because i didn't weigh enough to go alone... it was pretty sweet.. we did some flips coming out of the plane - i had my eyes closed so tight and was so focused on breathing that i really didn't notice too much until we pulled the shoot - but it was a total adrenaline rush!!


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