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Hello all!!

 I've accepted a job with Royal Celebrity train division in Anchorage and I'm definatly excited for my first visit to Alaska! I'll be heading up there in May and was just wondering if anyone else out there will be working for them or in the same area and need a room mate or have an extra room for rent. If so please contact me!!! Thanks and as always good luck!!!

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check craiglist
That's cool we're going to have the same job! It's going to be my first time in Alaska too. I also need roommates and a place to rent.
midtown motel is super sketchy. There are a few hostels downtown. And also a few modern rooming houses really close to the train depot. I happen to manage one of the better ones downtown. Message me for rates...don't want to step on any toes.
Ya I haven't heard to many good things about that place, lol! I'd definatly be interested in seeing what you have to offer. I can be reached at Thanks!
Congrats..I got a offer for the Holland America a server..But I was so scared of not getting a place to stay..I backed at and applied at Mckinley..which they were full..and I talked to the person who hired me and she is going to check and see if they have already filled the position..I hope not..wish me luck and I am hoping that I will be looking for a place to stay..I would room with someone..
That is a good job Beverly; I hope you are still able to take it. There are many hostels and some decent rooming houses here so you won't have a problem getting housing. In April or May I will leave the winter community here at the Backpacker's Inn and will be looking for roomies also...
Don't worry, there are many options here. Good luck :0)
they have already filed the position..with the rails..I am disappointed..because I did not trust myself..I have gave up yet..there is still time...if not..I will try next year..
u never what could happen people get fired or dont show up or change there mind just try another place this year u should get on keep your head up
try Copper River Princess lodge and Mckinley. They contacted me a couple months ago and were still looking for people. Good luck!!
but copper river is only open for 3 months this summer then transferring evreyone to denali
How is Denali to work for? I would have loved to work for the rails..but like I said I should have trusted if the Rails still has my will the rest know..should I just applied on line for everything again..How is Fairbanks? Can you tell me which one would be the best..or are you all about the same.
theres denali princess and chalets which is not far from each other if u go to denali princess your housing is in healy u have your own bathroom and u share with an roomate and princess will pay your airline but they take it out of your check fairbanks is 2hrs away its ok its not somethng u want to go everytime only if u just want to get away chalet i is ok some people like it some people dont u have an roomate there u have to walk outside to the showers and edr is not to far from the dooms if u have an computer the wifi is spotty at best its basically to check email and do surfing cant downloads cause the speeds it way to slow


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