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Any Advice for older first time seasonal worker at Yellowstone?

I have been offered and have accepted a job at Yellowstone. I will working as a seamstress in the laundry. Start 5/23-10/22. I am nervous but excited. Can anyone give me some advice? This is my first seasonal job. Based on someone else's post, I am the older, mid life adventurer so I have no idea what to expect. In real life I have been an RN for 21 years and it is time to get out of that field. Any advice?

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so u going to be living  in the bunkhouse which is the good thing cause u get to cook your own food  plus you have access to better resturants in town even thought the store they have is a little expensives right now 

I'm taking a big pay cut in taking this job but it sounds like an adventure. I'm guessing I will be eating a lot of popcorn this summer! LOL

Hi Debra it's john I add you as a friend


Congrats on getting a job in Yellowstone. I arrive for orientation on Saturday, May 25th. Maybe we will meet? Have a great day!



where will you be working Leo? I am to be there on May 23. Have you worked in Yellowstone before?



I will be working at the Canyon Lodge location as a kitchen crew member. My season is Saturday, May 25, 2013 through Tuesday, August 20, 2013. I look forward to meeting you this summer. Have a great weekend.



Bring a notebook computer and less things. Your always about doing activities
away from the dorms. I will be working Mammoth April 25. First time at Yellowstone.

what will you be doing Bob? What do you do currently?


going back for my second year, Debra--at the Old faithful Inn-loved it! If u will be in the bunkhouse in gardiner, my old roommate is living there now-you will have to get with her-she works in HR

How old is she? I'm hoping to find someone closer to my age who hopfully dosen't snore! Know anyone? I am 53 and an RN in real life. I'm trying to do a career change and this job is my first step.

If you like people and beautiful country---you are gonna love it---This will be my 3rd year---I wasnt going back this year---but I think I will---It gets in your blood---



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